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The Anchor Yale Bible: Zephaniah (AYB)


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In a world plagued by political corruption and human indifference, the great prophet Zephaniah made an urgent plea for reform and return to faith. Writing during the tumultuous reign of Josiah of Judah (640–609 BC), Zephaniah witnessed the slow erosion of the Jews’ obedience to Yahweh and their increasing imitation of the ruling Assyrians’ pagan rituals and cult practices. Unable to bear this moral decline, Zephaniah cried out with a devastating message that pierced the complacent atmosphere of Jerusalem like a trumpet blast. The day of the Lord’s judgment was near and, as the prophet forecasted, it would be “a day of wrath . . . a day of distress and anguish . . . darkness and gloom.”

In staccato exclamations, elevated rhetoric, and a rich tapestry of metaphors and similes, Zephaniah painted a world beset by corruption, idolatry, and apathy. As his passionate verse unfolds, we learn of the doomed destiny of nations that are indifferent to the Lord’s power and of humans who have become too enthralled with worldly riches. As scathing as any modern social critic, Zephaniah proclaimed salvation only to those who lead a life of simplicity, faith, and humility.

Adele Berlin’s splendid translation captures the vivid imagery and sheer potency of Zephaniah, causing the prophet’s words to spring to life and sweep the reader into the politically and socially dynamic world of ancient Israel. With keen insight and lucid analysis, Berlin also draws vital links between Zephaniah’s historical references and other relevant parts of the Bible.

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  • Offers original translations, including alternative translations, annotations, and variants
  • Provides verse-by-verse commentary on the text
  • Presents the reader with historical background, including analysis of authorship and dating
  • Features an extensive bibliography of primary and secondary literature
  • Superscription (1:1)
  • The Announcement of Doom (1:2–9)
  • A Description of Doom (1:10–18)
  • The Last Chance to Repent (2:1–4)
  • Prophecy against the Nations (2:5–15)
  • Prophecy against the Overbearing City (3:1–13)
  • Joy to Jerusalem (3:14–20)
  • Title: Zephaniah
  • Author: Adele Berlin
  • Series: Anchor Yale Bible (AYB)
  • Publisher: Yale University Press
  • Publication Date: 1994
  • Pages: 165

Adele Berlin is a professor of Hebrew Bible and ancient Near Eastern literature at the University of Maryland at College Park. She is highly regarded for her literary analysis of biblical and cognate literature. Among her publications is her volume on Esther in the JPS Bible Commentary.


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Print list price: $55.00
Save $5.01 (9%)