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Prayer on Fire: What Happens When the Holy Spirit Ignites Your Prayers

Format: Digital
, 2006


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How’s your prayer life? You routinely connect with God in prayer, but you long for something more. You deeply desire a fresh encounter with the blazing presence of God. But how do you get there?

Prayer on Fire is what happens when your initiative to meet with God in prayer connects with his initiative to meet you with his passionate presence. Discover how God calls his people to expect, welcome, and invite his presence in their prayers through the Holy Spirit. You’ll learn the biblical steps to take to experience the reality of the Holy Spirit’s presence in your daily prayer life. And you’ll experience the truth that prayer ablaze with the Holy Spirit isn’t boring, routine, or safe. It’s alive and life-giving. It brings heaven to earth. It’s what you were made for.

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  • Explores the presence of fire and related metaphors throughout the bible
  • Applies these principles to developing a life of prayer
  • Includes study questions for each chapter
  • God On Fire
  • A Biblical Theology of Fire
  • Holy Spirit Fire
  • Filled with Fire
  • Fire in the Prayer Closet
  • Out of the Box
  • Ashes
  • Keeping the Home Fires Burning
  • My Congregation On Fire
  • Backdraft
  • Christ On Fire
Over the many years that I have known Fred Hartley, he has modeled what one who gives himself fully to Christ looks like: a person of passionate prayer and focus. With creative insight, he shows how me might surrender ourselves to the Holy Spirit and await his fire and filling.

—Ravi Zacharias, author and speaker

Prayer on Fire will be a book that will have a lasting impact on your life. Fred doesn’t just write about fire, he craves, longs for, and lives the passion and intensity that fire brings. The church has confused the dust of human effort from the cloud of God’s presence. You need to read this book.

—Alice Smith, cofounder and executive director, US Prayer Center

Prayer on Fire is a wonderful explanation of how the Holy Spirit makes prayer happen in a person and in a church. My prayer life also used to be a duty, a ‘flicker’ in flame. Then the Holy Spirit touched me, and I could not pray enough. I am so thankful for this book’s message and the fruit it will inspire in the church.

—Terry Teykl, founder, Renewal Ministries

Fred Hartley’s book Prayer on Fire is a convicting, encouraging, challenging, Christ-exalting call to a basic long neglected by the West: prayer! If there is a spiritual fiber in your being, it will call you to passionately embrace renewed communion with God and drive away the mechanical routine of voicing but not praying the thoughts of your heart. It will revitalize your spiritual life. It’s a must-read!

—Harold J. Sala, founder and president, Guidelines International

Fred Hartley has helped us connect with the transforming fire that represents the Holy Spirit’s activity in our prayer life. This book will rekindle your longing for a passionate and life-altering prayer life that can move heavens into action.

—Os Hillman, president, Marketplace Leaders

We stand at the threshold of a nationwide Christ-awakening in answer to over two decades of united prayer across the land. In this remarkable book, Fred shapes our expectations about how this impending move of God will manifest itself, showing us ways to enter into it even now. The hope that springs from the last chapter is by itself worth the price of the book!

David Bryant, founder, Proclaim Hope!

Fred Hartley is one of the key prayer leaders that God has raised up for this generation, and Prayer on Fire is a powerful book with a life-affecting message for all of us.

Paul Cedar, chair and CEO, Mission America Coalition

  • Title: Prayer on Fire: What Happens When the Holy Spirit Ignites Your Prayers
  • Author: Fred A. Hartley III
  • Publisher: NavPress
  • Publication Date: 2006
  • Pages: 184

Fred A. Hartley III is lead pastor of Lilburn Alliance Church where he has served since 1988 and Christian leader in Metro Atlanta. In addition to pastoring an influential congregation, Fred is president of the College of Prayer, which now has campuses on five continents. He speaks at colleges, universities, conferences, and Promise Keeper’s Men’s events throughout our country and around the world. He has written 15 books including the best-seller Dare to Be Different, Lord, Teach Us to Pray and Parenting at Its Best.


Print list price: $14.99
Save $2.00 (13%)