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Why God Won’t Go Away

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In a decade embroiled in fanaticism and fear, a renewed interest in the age-old debate over the question of God has reignited, giving rise to a new group of media-savvy contenders dubbed the “New Atheists.” As expressed in the works of best-selling authors like Richard Dawkins and Christopher Hitchens, the New Atheists have found a foothold in today’s cynical society, and have ramped up their efforts to debunk the existence of God.

Renowned historian, theologian, and scholar Alister McGrath is on the frontlines of this conversation, publicly debating many of these prominent skeptics. In this thoughtful and accessible volume, McGrath gives a spirited rebuttal to the claims of the New Atheists, critiquing the New Atheism on its own merits and exploring the fundamental questions:

  • Who are the New Atheists, and what do they believe?
  • Is religion delusional and evil?
  • Are human beings fundamentally good?
  • How do reason and science prove or disprove faith?
  • Is the best hope for humanity a ‘New Enlightenment’?

Why God Won’t Go Away explores how the movement’s ideas are defined and propagated, helping us understand the agendas and anxieties of this global movement and its appeal to society as a whole. Why God Won’t Go Away explores what is “new” about New Atheism, critiques the movement on its core themes of violence, reason, and science, and asks, “where does the New Atheism go from here?”

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Key Features

  • Discusses agenda and mass of appeal of the New Atheism movement
  • Examines the messages of the four leading representatives of New Atheism
  • Engages the Christian reader providing them with solid understanding and a new way to communicate


  • Part 1: What Is the New Atheism?
    • The New Atheism: How It All Started
    • What’s ‘New’ about the New Atheism?
  • Part 2: Engaging the New Atheism: Three Core Themes
    • When Religion Goes Wrong: Violence
    • Reason: The Rationality of Beliefs
    • A Question of Proof: Science
  • Part 3: Where Does the New Atheism Go from Here?
    • Where Is the New Atheism Now?
    • God Won’t Go Away: Beyond the New Atheism

Praise for the Print Edition

A robust defense of the God of the Bible . . . This is a book for serious thinkers who wish to make God real in a world that has forgotten its creator and maker.

—Joni Eareckson Tada, author, A Place of Healing

Product Details

  • Title: Why God Won’t Go Away
  • Author: Alister McGrath
  • Publisher: SPCK
  • Publication Date: 2011
  • Pages: 129

About Alister E. McGrath

Alister E. McGrath is an historian, biochemist, and Christian theologian born in Belfast, Northern Ireland. A longtime professor at Oxford University, he now holds the chair in theology, ministry, and education at the University of London. He is the author of several books on theology and history, including Christianity’s Dangerous Idea, In the Beginning, and The Twilight of Atheism. He lives in Oxford, England, and lectures regularly in the United States.