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The book of Job has been highly spoken of by many, both inside the Christian church and out. Thomas Carlyle, the nineteenth-century man of letters, wrote of it, “I call it, apart from all theories about it, one of the grandest things ever written with pen. . . . There is nothing written, I think, in the Bible or out of it, of equal literary merit.” Martin Luther described it as “magnificent and sublime as no other book of Scripture.”

As a part of Holy Scripture, it is imbued with a far higher inspiration than any one of the world’s great classics. By it, God aims to instruct and encourage his people in their earthly pilgrimage towards heaven, just as he does in all the other books of the Bible. But the breadth of its appeal should not be forgotten. Set outside the life of Israel, the book of Job provides a ready-made point of contact with unchurched people. There are so many who have lost their way, either because they do not ask the big questions about life, or because they are swamped by the fact that there seem to be no real answers to them. By its presentation of both the grim realities of human existence and the wonder of divine grace, the book has something to say to any who would consult it seriously. It therefore supplies excellent material for lively and relevant preaching to people of every culture, not only by way of edification, but also evangelism. This commentary is written partly in the hope that such preaching will take place.

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Resource Experts
  • Discusses the background of the book of Job
  • Provides verse-by-verse commentary
  • Includes a bibliography of select sources
  • Introductory Matters
  • The Prologue (1:1–2:13)
  • The Debate between Job and His Friends (I) (3:1–19:29)
  • The Debate between Job and His Friends (II) (20:1–26:14)
  • Job Continues his Discourse (27:1–28:28)
  • Job’s Final Defence (29:1–31:40)
  • Elihu Intervenes (32:1–37:24)
  • The Lord Speaks (38:1–42:6)
  • The Epilogue (42:7–17)

Top Highlights

“It has therefore been suggested that Job is best dated in the tenth century BC, when Solomon was on the throne. E. J. Young adopted this dating as the one that had the least objections to face. It is credible and I incline to it.” (Pages 18–19)

“‘My servant Job’ is always used in connection with his suffering. Job the man is therefore not just a servant of Jehovah but a suffering servant; in other words, he is a type of ‘the Suffering Servant of the Lord’.” (Page 29)

“ charging him with having confused matters rather than clarifying them. This is the opposite of wisdom.” (Page 265)

“This means that the unfolding of human history is related to the process of redemptive history.” (Page 38)

“inference that Job gives willing and thorough service, and not forced labour” (Page 53)

The book of Job is one of the oldest books in the world, and one of the most fascinating ever written. It has been highly spoken of and often quoted from by secular as well as Christian writers. In line with the approach adopted in the Study Commentary series, the author takes a thoroughly Reformed approach. . . . A helpful commentary.

Ulster Bulwark

Here is a rarity; a commentary one can sit and read, and then find oneself compelled to take to the study and work through, with open Bible all over again. Just don’t miss it!

Evangelicals Now

  • Title: A Study Commentary on Job
  • Author: Hywel R. Jones
  • Publisher: Evangelical Press
  • Publication Date: 2007
  • Pages: 304

Dr. Jones was ordained in the Presbyterian Church of Wales in 1963 and ministered in several pastorates in Wales and England over 25 years. During those years, he was a member of the executive committee of the British Evangelical Council of Churches, editor of its theological journal and chairman of its study conference. In addition he was co-chairman of the Westminster Fellowship of Ministers succeeding Dr. Martyn Lloyd-Jones. The London Theological Seminary commenced in 1977 and Dr. Jones became its first principal in 1985, lecturing in Hebrew and biblical studies, hermeneutics, and homiletics. During that time he also taught in Romania, Malaysia, Australia, New Zealand, and Italy. In 1995, he was Scholar in Residence at Reformed Theological Seminary in Jackson, MS; and since 1998 has been a member of the Adjunct Faculty at Puritan and Reformed Theological Seminary in Michigan. Before coming to Westminster Seminary California in 2000, he served for four years as Editorial Director of the Banner of Truth Trust. Dr. Jones has written commentaries on Exodus, Philippians, and most recently, Job. He has also written Gospel and Church; Unity in Truth; Only One Way; and Let’s Study Hebrews. He contributed two essays to the Faculty Symposium CJPM. He and and his wife, Nansi, have been married for more than 45 years. They are blessed with three children and five granddaughters. Their son-in-law studied at Westminster Seminary California and is now a pastor in England.


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