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Studies in Slavic Church History (5 vols.)
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As Orthodox churches are traditionally “national” churches, the history of a nation is closely related to the history of Christianity and the church. With the Studies in Slavic Church History collection, you’ll find important volumes offering a comprehensive introduction to the intertwining histories of Russia and the Russian church. This collection includes Reginald Bigg-Wither’s accessible text on the history of the church in Russia, as well as A. R. Ephimenko’s overview of Russia’s complex history. You can also learn about the spread of Christianity in G. F. Maclear’s text, The Slavs: Conversion of the West, as well as reform in Russia with noted historian Bernard Pares’ Russia and Reform. This collection also includes a study of the lives of three eminent Russian prelates: Nikon, sixth Patriarch of Moscow; Saint Demetrius, Metropolitan of Rostov; and Michael, Metropolitan of Novgorod and St. Petersburg.

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Key Features

  • Provides an overview of the history of the Russian church
  • Includes Bernard Pares’ early twentieth-century study of reform in Russia
  • Offers a study of the lives of three important Russian prelates

Individual Titles

A Short History of the Church of Russia: Its Teaching and Its Worship

  • Author: Reginald F. Bigg-Wither
  • Publisher: SPCK
  • Publication Date: 1920
  • Pages: 151

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In this concise volume, Anglican minister Reginald Bigg-Wither provides a valuable overview of the history of the church in Russia. Offering a knowledgeable introduction to the Russian Church in a highly readable format, Bigg-Wither begins by discussing the “conversion of Russia to Christianity,” and moves into examination of the structure, practices, and teachings of the church. He discusses metropolitans of Moscow, patriarchate of Moscow, the Holy Governing Synod, Russian missions, icons, arrangements of a Russian church, vestments of the clergy, the divine liturgy, and more. Bigg-Wither also includes four appendixes which offer other helpful information, including a list of the metropolitans.

Reginald F. Bigg-Wither was rector of Wonston, Winchester. He was educated at Oxford, after which he spent time abroad—notably six years in Russia in the 1860s—before being ordained as a minister. He also wrote Materials for a History of the Wither Family, published in 1907.

A Short History of Russia

  • Author: A. R. Ephimenko
  • Translator: Herbert Moore
  • Publisher: SPCK
  • Publication Date: 1920
  • Pages: 203

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This text offers a concise Russian history up to the start of the twentieth century, written from the unique perspective of a Russian who is writing about his own country. As translator Herbert Moore notes, “this history is written by a Russian professor of history, and therefore may be expected to show the events and movements which in the opinion of Russians themselves have been most important . . . in bringing Russia to be what she is today.” The text is divided into five major parts, beginning with the origin of the Russian dominion and covering through the death of Emperor Alexander II: “The Kieff Period,” “The Moscovite and the Lithuanian Russias,” “The Tsardom of Moscow,” “The Russian Empire,” It also includes several maps and illustrations.

A. R. Ephimenko was a professor of history in the Higher Academy for Women at Petrograd.

Russia and Reform

  • Author: Bernard Pares
  • Publisher: Archibald Constable and Co.
  • Publication Date: 1907
  • Pages: 603

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In Russia and Reform, published in 1907, Bernard Pares sets out to “summarize the chief things which English-men ought to know, if they wish to form an intelligent judgement of what is now taking place in Russia,” refering to the great amount of social and political change taking place in Russia during the latter part of the nineteenth and beginning of the twentieth centuries. Not attempting to provide a comprehensive study of Russian politics or a history of modern Russia, Pares states his object has been to “[sketch] the chief features of her development as a people and as a state . . . [to] catch the significance of the main points at issue between the government and the people.” In the first part of the text he deals with the Slavophil tradition, and in the second, he explores the origins and growth of the educated class in Russia. He then studies the effects of Alexander II’s reforms, and offers an overview of the movement taking place at the time for liberation, “carry[ing] the story up to the elections for the second Duma.”

Bernard Pares (1867–1949) was an English historian, especially noted for his work on Russia. Educated at Cambridge, he made his first visit to Russia in 1898. He was appointed a reader in Russian history at the University of Liverpool in 1906. He became acquainted with the leading members of the Russian Duma the same year, which informed his book, Russia and Reform. He was promoted to a chair at Liverpool in 1908, which he held until 1917. He was also the author of A History of Russia, A Wandering Student, My Russian Memoirs, and other titles.

Lives of Eminent Russian Prelates

  • Editor: Robinson Thornton
  • Translator: R. W. Blackmore
  • Publisher: J. Masters & Co.
  • Publication Date: 1854
  • Pages: 147

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This volume offers a helpful overview of the lives of three important figures in the Russian church. In this highly readable text, you can find accounts of the lives of Nikon, sixth Patriarch of Moscow; Saint Demetrius, Metropolitan of Rostov; and Michael, Metropolitan of Novgorod and St. Petersburg.

Robinson Thornton was a fellow of St. John’s College, Oxford.

R. W. Blackmore was rector of Donhead St. Mary, in the Diocese of Sarum.

The Slavs: Conversion of the West

  • Author: G. F. Maclear
  • Publisher: SPCK
  • Publication Date: 1879
  • Pages: 206

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This volume is the final volume in G. F. Maclear’s series on the coversion of Europe. Primarily divided into sections by geography, this text examines the spread of Christianity and growth of the church each of these regions: Bulgaria; Moravia, Bohemia, and Servia; Russia; Poland and Pomerania; the Wends and Lieflanders; Prussia, Lithuania, and Lapland.

G. F. Maclear was head master of King’s College, London for fourteen years. He was also the author of the Cambridge Greek Testament for Schools and Colleges volume on Mark.

Product Details

  • Title: Studies in Slavic Church History
  • Volumes: 5
  • Pages: 1,310