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The Law of the Offerings in Leviticus 1–7


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Examining the inherent purpose of the law, and the restitution required upon trespassing against it, Andrew Juke critically examines the text while providing exposition on sacrificial offering. Juke provides practical elucidation of the need for grace under the Law.

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  • Examines the law of offerings in the first seven chapters of Leviticus
  • Collects lectures on the offerings by the author
  • Uses other Scripture references to help illustrate points
  • The Types in General
  • The Burnt Offering
  • The Meat Offering
  • The Peace Offering
  • The Sin Offering
  • The Trespass Offering
  • The Offering as a Whole
  • Title: The Law of the Offerings in Leviticus 1–7
  • Author: Andrew Juke
  • Publisher: James Nisbet and Co.
  • Publication Date: 1847
  • Pages: 265

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Andrew J. Jukes (1815–1901) was a prolific author and clergyman educated at Trinity College, Cambridge. His other major works include The Law of the Offerings, The Restitution of All Things, Four Views of Christ, and The Differences of the Four Gospels.


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    Digital list price: $9.99
    Save $2.50 (25%)