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The Book of Isaiah


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Teed takes each chapter of the book of Isaiah in this commentary and provides background information and valuable exposition. Going over the text verse by verse, Teed also includes maps, historical context. Teed also spends time going over the significance of prophecies and the geographical locations mentioned in the book of Isaiah. He highlights the goodness and character of God throughout the text.

Whether used for study or for devotions, this commentary provide vital exposition on the biblical text. Brimming with spiritual application, Teed’s commentary is ideal for pastors and laity wanting a holistic and practical view of these all-important books of the Bible. With the Logos edition, each Scripture reference is linked to the Bibles in your library, making study easy and efficient.

  • Offers detailed exposition on the book of Isaiah
  • Cross-references other Biblical passages to help explain the points being made
  • Provides verse-by-verse commentary
  • A Wake-Up Call
  • Wicked Behavior Will Be Punished
  • Judgment on Judah and Israel
  • Things Will Get Worse Before They Get Better
  • God’s Disappointing Crop
  • God Commissions Isaiah
  • The Sign of Immanuel
  • Isaiah Predicts the Invasion by Assyria
  • A Prophecy of the Coming Messiah
  • God’s Judgment on Assyria
  • The Branch From Jesse
  • Give Thanks to the Lord
  • A Prophecy of the Fate of Babylon
  • Compassion for Israel
  • Prophecy against Moab
  • Prophecy of Moab’s Devastation
  • The Prophecy Regarding the Destruction of Damascus and Israel
  • Prophecy against Ethiopia
  • Prophecy against Egypt
  • Prophecy About Egypt and Ethiopia
  • Prophecies against Babylon, Edom, and Arabia
  • Judah’s Wake-Up Call (A Prophecy About Jerusalem)
  • Prophecy against Tyre
  • God’s Judgment on the Land
  • Song of Praise to God
  • The Gates of the Kingdom Are Opened for Those Who Love God
  • God’s People Come Home
  • Prophecy against Samaria
  • Prophecy against Jerusalem
  • Prophecy against Rebels
  • The Foolishness of Trusting in Egypt
  • Prophecy of Peace for Israel
  • The Judgment of God
  • God Will Destroy His Enemies
  • Israel’s Happy Future
  • Sennacherib Invades Judah
  • God Will Deliver Jerusalem
  • God Heals Hezekiah
  • Messengers from Babylon
  • God Comforts His People
  • Israel Overcomes Fear and Anxiety
  • The Servant of God
  • God’s Promise to Regather Israel to Their Homeland
  • There Is Only One God
  • God Uses Cyrus
  • Babylon’s Idols Versus God
  • A Prophecy of Doom for Babylon
  • No Peace for the Wicked
  • God’s Servant, a Light to the Gentiles
  • God’s Servant, Jesus, Is Israel’s Hope
  • God Comforts Israel
  • God Will Bring His People, Israel, Home
  • A Prophecy of Jesus’ Suffering
  • Israel Will Be Restored
  • Mercy and Grace Are Free
  • Jews and Christians Are One
  • Peace for the Righteous; No Peace for the Wicked
  • What Can Separate Us from God?
  • Sin Separates Us from God
  • Something to Look Forward To
  • Salvation for the Jewish Remnant
  • The Assurance of Israel’s Salvation
  • Judgment for Unbelievers; Salvation for Believers
  • Sin Requires Punishment
  • God’s Justifiable Judgment and Salvation
  • True Believers Will Know God’s Goodness
  • Title: The Book of Isaiah
  • Author: Ron Teed
  • Publisher: Ron and Betty Teed
  • Publication Date: 2010
  • Pages: 371

Ron Teed is the founding pastor of Village Church of Wheaton, in Wheaton, Illinois. He is also the author of several commentaries.


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    Digital list price: $15.99
    Save $3.00 (18%)