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Remains of Myles Coverdale


Containing theological treatises, apologetic works, biblical notes, and personal letters, this volume addresses an array of specific theological topics in detail. Highlights include Coverdale’s Exhortation to the Carrying of Christ’s Cross and Hope of the Faithful.

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Key Features

  • Includes the in-depth examination of many theological matters
  • Contains personal letters and biblical notes which help the reader understand who Myles Coverdale was
  • Examines and includes theological treatises and apologetic works


  • Biographical notice of Bishop Coverdale
  • Addenda et Corrigenda
  • Dedications and Prologues to the Translation of the Bible
  • To the New Testament
  • Treatise on Death
  • The Hope of the Faithful
  • An Exhortation to the Carrying of Christ’s Cross
  • Exposition to the Carrying of Christ’s Cross
  • A Confutation of the Treatise of John Standish
  • The Defense of a certain poor Christian Man who else should have been condemned by the Pope’s law
  • Letters
  • Ghostly Psalms and Spiritual Songs
  • Appendix, containing the Originals of the Letters written in Latin
  • Index

Product Details

  • Title: Remains of Myles Coverdale
  • Author: Myles Coverdale
  • Editor: George Pearson
  • Publisher: University Press
  • Publication Date: 1846
  • Pages: 618

About Myles Coverdale

Myles Coverdale(1488-1569) was educated at Cambridge and known for his work in translating the Bible into the English vernacular, producing the first complete Bible in English in 1535. He became bishop of Exeter in 1551, but fled during the Reformation. Coverdale spent time living and working in Germany, Switzerland, and Denmark before settling in London as the rector of St. Magnus.