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What is Christianity?
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What Is Christianity? And, more importantly, Who is Jesus Christ? Neither of those questions are easily answered, as conflicting information swirls around us. Comprised of over a dozen lectures, What is Christianity? was delivered originally by Adolph Harnack to an audience of more than 600 students at the University of Berlin with the purpose of clarifying those two questions in the context of history and the Bible.

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Key Features

  • Contains over a dozen lectures
  • Provides material well suited for students, pastors, and laity alike
  • Discusses the Gospel and Christianity as a whole

Lectures Contained

  • The Gospel: Preliminary
  • The Leading Features of Jesus’ Message
  • The Kingdom of God and Its Coming
  • God the Father and the Infinite Value of the Human Soul
  • The Higher Righteousness and the Commandment of Love
  • The Gospel and the World, or the Question of Asceticism
  • The Gospel and the Poor, or the Social Question
  • The Gospel and Law, or the Question of Public Order
  • The Gospel and Work, or the Question of Civilisation
  • The Gospel and the Son of God, or the Christological Question
  • The Gospel and Doctrine, or the Question of Creed
  • The Christian Religion in the Apostolic Age
  • The Christian Religion in Its Development into Catholicism
  • The Christian Religion in Greek Catholicism
  • The Christian Religion in Roman Catholicism
  • The Christian Religion in Protestantism

Product Details

  • Title: What Is Christianity?
  • Author: Adolph von Harnack
  • Translator: Thomas Bailey Saunders
  • Publisher: Williams and Norgate
  • Publication Date: 1901
  • Pages: 326

About Adolph von Harnack

Adolph von Harnack born in 1851 in Estonia, lived a life devoted to the study of church history and theology. He became a professor at age 24, and taught at the Universities of Leipzig, Giussen, Marbarg, and Berlin until his retirement at age 70. Although he was widely considered to be one of the most influential members of the Protestant church at the turn of the twentieth century, the Church of Germany believed his theology to be off-base and did not allow him to become an accredited clergyman. Harnack’s passion for the history of the Church led him to pen numerous resources on the matter, his most famous work perhaps being What Is Christianity? He continued his studies and writing until his death in 1930.