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The Bible and Archaeology

, 1982
ISBN: 9780802832689
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This highly acclaimed and widely used survey offers a concise, up-to-date summary of archaeological information as it pertains to the study of the Bible. The three biblical divisions of archaeology: The Old Testament Story up to 587 B.C., The Pre-Christian Centuries, and The New Testament, are supplemented with a number of charts, tables and outlines, as well as an introduction titled “Biblical Archaeology Today.”

With a good grasp of archaeological facts, knowledge of the archaeological sites and excavations, Thompson discusses adequately and, at times in some detail, artifacts that come from tells and tombs. As lecturer in Old Testament Studies at Baptist Theological College of New South Wales, Thompson knows how to relate the findings of archaeology to the wider interests of biblical study.

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“Finally, it is perfectly true to say that biblical archaeology has done a great deal to correct the impression that was abroad at the close of the last century and in the early part of this century, that biblical history was of doubtful trustworthiness in many places.” (Page 4)

“Secondly, the Bible is by no means a complete record.” (Page 4)

“In the first place, it provides the general background of the history of the Bible” (Page 4)

“The most important type of covered ruin is that in which we find the remains of several towns one on top of the other” (Page 6)

“There can be no doubt that archaeology has confirmed the substantial historicity of Old Testament tradition.’2” (Page 5)

Praise for the Print Edition

This new edition of a valuable survey of the subject is much to be welcomed. The Bible is unchanging but the science of ‘Biblical Archaeology’ advances with new excavations, documents and interpretations. Here we are given a wealth of information of which it is essential that teachers and students should be both aware and also ready to communicate in making the Bible come alive.

—Donald J. Wiseman, Professor of Assyriology, The University of London

The author’s goal includes integrating the results of archaeological research and field work with the literary and historical background and the text of the Bible. The book presents rather technical archaeological concepts in a style that laymen can understand, and yet where necessary the author uses the technical terms found in the technical field reports…. Overall the volume is to be recommended. It is comprehensive and yet concise and easy to read. It will be a good reference tool for the teacher, student, pastor and layman.

—W. Harold Mare, The Evangelical Theological Society: Journal of the Evangelical Theological Society Volume 26. 1983.

The three shorter studies which have been brought together in this volume were first published in a series called Pathway Books. As I was one of the consulting editors of that series, I have a prior interest in introducing this work; but that is not my principal reason for doing so. My principal reason is that I believe this work, now revised, brought up to date, and so lavishly illustrated, to be a very useful handbook for Bible readers.

—F.F. Bruce

Product Details

  • Title: The Bible and Archaeology
  • Author: J. A. Thompson
  • Edition: 3rd, Fully Revised
  • Publisher: Eerdmans
  • Publication Date: 1982
  • Pages: 491

The late John A. Thompson was the first director of the Australian Institute of Archaeology in Melbourne. While in Melbourne, he lectured in the School of Middle Eastern Studies at the University, and was lecturer in Old Testament studies in the Baptist Theological College of New South Wales. Making a special study of biblical archaeology, Thompson engaged in field work with ASOR at Roman Jericho and at Dibon in Transjordan. He held degrees from the University of Queensland and the University of Melbourne in science, the arts, and divinity. His doctorate came from the University of Cambridge, UK, in Oriental Studies. He authored The Bible and Archaeology as well as the volume on 1st & 2nd Chronicles that is part of The New American Commentary (31 vols.).

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