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D. L. Moody’s Child Stories Related by Him in His Revival Work
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D. L. Moody’s Child Stories Related by Him in His Revival Work


Rhodes & McClure 1877

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This volume comprises all the stories D. L. Moody has told about children in his great revival work in Europe and America. Dozens of pen and ink illustrations accompany the text.

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Key Features

  • Contains stories about children told by D. L. Moody
  • Provides content contributing to D. L. Moody’s great revival work in Europe and America
  • Includes dozens of pen and ink illustrations


  • Moody’s Child Stories
    • The Lost Kiss - The Speaking Card
    • The Lost Kiss
    • A Child Legend
    • A Boy’s Victory
    • A Boy’s Story
    • Over the River
    • Moody and the Children
    • A Child’s Request for Prayer
    • The Little Bell Boy
    • Reaping the Whirlwind
    • The Speaking Card
  • Moody’s Mother and Her Prodigal Son - Young Moody’s Conversion
    • Moody’s Mother and Her Prodigal Son
    • The Saloon-Keeper and His Children
    • “Rover”
    • The Prisoner Weeping for His Children
    • Young Moody in Boston
    • Dr. Booth’s Story
    • Peace
    • “Pull for the Shore, Sailor”
    • Very Sad News
    • Young Moody’s Conversion
  • The Child Angel - Moody in the Far West
    • The Child Angel
    • The Child and President Lincoln
    • Faith
    • Saved in Weakness
    • Little Moody at School
    • The Drunken Boy Reclaimed
    • How Little Moody Took the Whippings
    • The Repentant Son
    • Waiting for Jesus
    • Moody in the Far West
  • Lost in the Deep - In Jail
    • Lost in the Deep
    • The Stolen Boy
    • The Happy Home
    • Over the Mountains
    • The Smiling Mother’s Sad Farewell
    • Emma’s Kiss
    • Emma’s New Muff
    • Little Jimmy
    • Sammy and His Mother
    • In Jail
  • The Little Orphan - The Hand on Moody’s Head
    • The Little Orphan
    • The Praying Little Cripple
    • Prayer Answered
    • The Little Orphan’s Prayer
    • Willie Asks Pardon and Prays
    • A Singular Story
    • Mrs. Moody Teaching Her Child
    • A Bad Boy
    • Two Boys and Two Fathers
    • The Hand on Moody’s Head
  • The Smiling Child - Willie and the Bears
    • The Smiling Child
    • The Orange Boy
    • Love
    • A Little Boy Converts His Mother
    • Sympathy
    • Looking down from Heaven
    • The Fatal Slumber
    • Love in the Sunday School
    • A Sad Story
    • Willie and the Bears
  • The Recitation - Off for America
    • The Recitation
    • The Blind Child
    • The Child and the Infidel
    • The Boy that Went West
    • A Mother Dies that Her Boy May Live
    • The Demoniac
    • Dinna Ye Hear Them Comin’?
    • Parting Words
    • The Little Greyhound in the Lion’s Cage
    • Off for America
  • Breaking the Tumblers - Dr. Chalmer’s Story
    • Breaking the Tumblers
    • The Dog-Fighter
    • Little Great Men
    • The Idiot Boy
    • Hold up Your Light
    • The Cross
    • “A Little Child Shall Lead Them”
    • The Child and the Book
    • The Horse that Was Established
    • Dr. Chalmer’s Story
  • Johnny, Cling Close to the Rock - Picking up the Bible
    • Johnny, Cling Close to the Rock
    • Obedience Explained
    • Jumping into Father’s Arms
    • The Imprisoned Children
    • The Collier and His Children
    • Work among the Street Arabs
    • Found in the Sand
    • The Little Norwegian
    • For Charlie’s Sake
    • Picking up the Bible
  • Willie - “Hold the Fort, for I Am Coming”
    • Willie
    • The Mistake that Was Corrected
    • Moody Chasing His Shadow
    • Open the Door
    • Higher and Higher
    • Believe
    • “Let the Lower Lights Be Burning”
    • The Good Mother
    • A Voice from the Tomb
    • “Hold the Fort, for I Am Coming”
  • The Young Converts - Child Friendship—How Durable
    • The Young Converts
    • The Dying Sunday School Teacher
    • The Little Bird’s Freedom
    • Finding Your Picture
    • The Loved One and the Lover
    • Humility
    • The Little Winner
    • Blind Bartimeus
    • The Bible
    • Child Friendship—How Durable
  • Son, Remember - Cherries
    • Son, Remember
    • The Prodigal’s Return
    • Cherries

Praise for the Print Edition

An excellent book and I most heartily endorse it, and commend it to every family.

—L. Hitchcock

They are in a style to interest children, while apt and suggestive, and illustrative of evangelical truth. Mr. McClure in this, and the volume of Moody’s anecdotes, has proved his skill as an editor, and renders a highly accomplished service to those who love the truth in its simplicity and sweetness.


The stories themselves all bear upon Christian life, and show the power of truth on young minds.


Product Details

  • Title: D. L. Moody’s Child Stories Related by Him in His Revival Work
  • Editor: J. B. McClure
  • Publisher: Rhodes & McClure
  • Publication Date: 1877
  • Pages: 149

About Dwight Lyman Moody

Dwight Lyman Moody (1837–1899) was born in Northfield, Mass. His father died soon after, and Moody was forced to work to support the family at an early age. In 1854, Moody took a job at his uncle’s shoe store and one of the conditions upon employment was that he should regularly attend his uncle’s church. It was at this church where his conversion took place. He moved to Chicago in 1856, and after working as a successful Sunday-school teacher and building a membership of 1,500 pupils, the Illinois Street Church was formed. He then began his revival work, which would become his life-long endeavor.

Beginning in 1872, Moody would travel and preach in Great Britain, winning the esteem of many prominent evangelicals. When he returned to America, he had invitations all over the country for speaking engagements. For the next 20 years, Moody would travel the globe, packing churches and revival halls with those wanting to hear him preach. He was honest, preached a Calvinistic creed which he accepted with all his heart, and was a master of an effective style. During all of his travels, he found time to write and publish numerous works.

Moody was also known for the educational institutions he started. The Illinois Street Church he started was later renamed in his honor to Moody Church. In 1886, Moody established the Chicago Evangelization Society for the education and training of Christian workers. This institution was renamed the Moody Bible Institute in his honor after he passed away in 1899.

About James Baird McClure

James Baird McClure was the author and editor of numerous works, including General Garfield: From the Log House to the Whitehouse, Abraham Lincoln’s Stories and Speeches, and Stories, Sketches, and Speeches of General Grant at Home and Abroad, in Peace and in War.