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SDA for Me: Doctrinal Essays and Interactions

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In this volume, Martin Weber addresses major challenges to Seventh-day Adventist fundamental beliefs and dialogues with other Christians. Inspired by a public forum at which Adventism was critiqued without the opportunity for discussion, Weber presents SDA beliefs in a grace-based context. He also explains how Adventist doctrine can and should be grounded in Scripture alone.

Weber candidly acknowledges that many of his fellow SDAs suffer from legalism in promoting the Sabbath with a cultish view of Ellen G. White and the pre-Advent judgment. He testifies to his own experience of emerging from suffocating legalism to embrace truth from a biblical, Christ-centered perspective. This book is based on his website

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Key Features

  • Defends fundamental Adventist beliefs from a grace-based, biblical perspective
  • Provides personal anecdotes of spiritual struggle
  • Responds to frequently asked questions and criticisms of SDA teachings


  • One Sad Night in Nebraska
  • I Almost Left with Dale Ratzlaff
  • Please Forgive Us
  • Five Questions for Dale Ratzlaff
  • Dalte Ratzlaff Responds
  • Amy’s Challenge: New Covenant Law
  • Colleen’s Challenge: The Sabbath
  • True Prophet—No Errors?
  • FAQs about Adventism
  • Stories You May Not Believe
  • Sabbath in Christ—Rest or Wrest?
  • A Non Prophet Organization?
  • The 1844 Judgment—Gospel Truth or Legalistic Fraud?
  • Grace and Disgrace
  • Is the Law Illegal for New Covenant Christians?
  • Should We Still Expect a Sunday Law?
  • Reconnecting with Alienated Children
  • Please Don’t Forsake Us

Product Details

  • Title: SDA for Me: Doctrinal Essays and Interaction
  • Author: Martin Weber
  • Publisher: Martin Weber
  • Publication Date: 2013
  • Pages: 109

About Martin Weber

Martin Weber pastored 11 congregations during four decades of ministry throughout the United States and Canada, trained clergy on five continents, was an associate editor of Ministry magazine, and served as a police chaplain. He attended Regent College and Carey Theological College, doing doctoral research on the attrition of young adult children of SDA clergy. Weber is also the author of Hurt, Healing, and Happy Again, My Tortured Conscience, and God Was There: True Stories of a Police Chaplain. He currently manages SDA content at Logos Bible Software.

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