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Acts: A Handbook on the Greek Text

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While the commentary tradition has, with some notable exceptions, shifted away from philology to take up questions of the social values, rhetorical conventions, and narrative strategies, this volume provides the textual, philological, and grammatical essentials to any act of interpretation. By working through this text systematically, readers will not only gain a firmer grasp on the peculiar shape of Acts’ grammar, but given Acts’ length and complexity, they will also become better equipped to approach the other New Testament documents with increased confidence.

This volume is perfect for students, pastors, scholars, or laity seeking a deeper understanding of the Greek biblical text. What’s more, with Logos, every word is essentially a link! Scripture references are linked directly to the Bibles in your library—both the original language texts and English translations. Double-clicking any word automatically opens your lexicons to the relevant entry, making words instantly accessible. With Logos, you can quickly move from the table of contents to your desired content and search entire volumes and collections by topic, title, or Scripture reference.

Resource Experts
  • Focuses on the Greek text of Acts
  • Addresses text-critical questions
  • Emphasizes the importance of understanding the grammar, syntax, and linguistic elements of the Greek language

Top Highlights

“ἀδελφοί. Here the term does not refer to believers (cf. 1:15).” (Page 40)

“The placement of the noun probably intensifies the expression: ‘until the very day.’” (Page 3)

“According to Levinsohn (1987, 139), when οὖν occurs in the narrative of Acts, it makes ‘explicit the close consequential relationship that exists between the elements it links. The second event is the direct result of the first, and closely conforms with its demands and implications.’” (Page 6)

“Furthermore, μέν οὖν is always prospective, that is, it always anticipates an additional event or proposition (usually introduced by δέ) to follow the event or proposition that it introduces (see Levinsohn 1987, 141–50).” (Pages 6–7)

“Attraction appears to be a stylistic device with no pragmatic function.” (Page 2)

Teachers and students of the Greek New Testament have long lacked resources for book-by-book lexical, grammatical, and textual analysis. The Book of Acts benefits especially from Parsons’ and Culy’s thorough, careful, exhaustive treatment of the book’s syntax and vocabulary. Their work instantly moves to the front rank of necessary reference books for all readers of Acts; it will contribute tremendously to the thoughtful interpretation of the Acts of the Apostles in the Church as well as the Academy.

A. K. M. Adam, associate professor of New Testament, Seabury-Western Theological Seminary

What pastors and students need today are tools to facilitate rapid reading and study of the Greek text, tools that at the same time keep a person in touch with issues of basic grammar and syntax. This simple but helpful volume fits the bill.

—George H. Guthrie, Benjamin W. Perry Professor of Bible, Union University

  • Title: Acts: A Handbook on the Greek Text
  • Authors: Martin M. Culy and Mikeal C. Parsons
  • Series: Baylor Handbook of the Greek New Testament (BHGNT)
  • Publisher: Baylor University Press
  • Publication Date: 2003
  • Pages: 579

Martin M. Culy is associate professor of New Testament and Greek at Briercrest College and Seminary. His previous books in the BHGNT series include I, II, III John and Acts. He is also the author of Echoes of Friendship in the Gospel of John.

Mikeal C. Parsons is the Kidd L. and Buna Hitchcock Macon Chair in Religion at Baylor University. He has published extensively on Luke and Acts including his most recent The Acts of the Apostles: Four Centuries of Baptist Interpretation.


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Digital list price: $29.99
Save $3.00 (10%)