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Never Ending Season: King Solomon Cries Out for Jesus
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Never Ending Season: King Solomon Cries Out for Jesus


Castle Publishing 2012

Runs on Windows, Mac and mobile.

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In Never Ending Season, Kelvin Mills unpacks the serious, the sad, the solemn, and the ironic from Solomon’s Ecclesiastes. Mills offers biblical insights and encouragement for those struggling with cynicism in a society that seems to have lost its sense of purpose, arguing that even the near-despair of Ecclesiastes points forward to hope in Christ. Eminently readable and free of jargon, Mills speaks candidly with the reader while always returning to Solomon’s search for Jesus.

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Key Features

  • Analyzes the foreshadowing of Christ in Ecclesiastes
  • Offers biblical insights and encouragement for those struggling with cynicism
  • Written in a jargon-free, conversational style


  • Part 1: A Tale of Two Kings—King Solomon and King Jesus
    • Solomon Introduces His Theme
    • A Most Fascinating Book. . .
    • The Teaching of Jesus . . . and the Teaching of Solomon
  • Part 2: The Soul and the Spirit
    • The Triune God and His Triune Children
    • God Chooses the Most Amazing Messengers
  • Part 3: Three Searches for Satisfaction
    • The First Search for Satisfaction—The Pursuit of Wisdom
    • The Second Search for Satisfaction—The Pursuit of Please
    • The Third Search for Satisfaction—Great Building Projects and the Good Life
  • Part 4: Wealth and Inheritance, Justice and Injustice
    • God’s Laws of Inheritance—His Promises and Our Obligations
    • Justice and Injustice
  • Part 5: Of Time, Chance, and Faith
    • Time and CHance Happen to Them All!
    • The Many Examples of Chance in Our Lives
    • “So You Can Tell the Difference between Chance and Determinism, Can You?”
    • Faith versus Chance, Chance versus Faith
  • Part 6: The Lord’s Most Powerful Servants
    • A Poor but Wise Man in a Small City
    • The Poor Man but Wise—The Weapons of His Warfare Were Spiritually Crafted
    • The Poor Man but Wise—Jesus is Our Model
  • Part 7: The Heart of the Matter—Hope
    • What is the Christian Hope?
    • The Psalms—Joy and Despair, Hope
    • Jesus—The Fulfillment of Our HOPE
    • The Overflow of Hope and How It Affects Our Lives
    • Solomon and Jesus’ Answers to His Problems
  • Epilogue: A Child of the Sixties

Product Details

  • Title: Never Ending Season: King Solomon Cries Out for Jesus
  • Author: Kelvin Mills
  • Publisher: Castle Publishing
  • Publication Date: 2007
  • Pages: 213

About Kelvin Mills

Kelvin Mills grew up in Papatoetoe, South Auckland, New Zealand. He earned his BA and MS from the University of Auckland and is a teacher.

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