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Products>The Bible, Natural Theology and Natural Law: Conflict or Compromise?

The Bible, Natural Theology and Natural Law: Conflict or Compromise?

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In this volume, Dr. Morey addresses the history and dangers of natural law and natural theology. With characteristic warmth and insight, he divides his discussion into three parts: exposition of a Biblical worldview, exposition of Biblical theism and philosophy, and refutation of natural law and theology in Christian thinking. Dr. Morey discusses the Ancient Greek philosophies and their impact on faith and religion over the centuries.

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Resource Experts
  • Presents an exposition of a biblical worldview
  • Provides an overview of biblical theism and philosophy
  • Includes discussion on Ancient Greek philosophies and their impact on religion
  • The Foundation of the Christian Worldview
  • The Three Pillars
  • Creation Ex Nihilo
  • The Radical Fall of Man into Sin and Guilt
  • Redemption
  • The Book of Ecclesiastes
  • Biblical Theism
  • Biblical Anthropology
  • A Biblical Philosophy of Science
  • The Failure of Definition
  • Natural Law
  • Natural Religion
  • Natural Theology
  • Natural Apologetics
  • What the World Needs to Hear

Top Highlights

“This future praise and worship is predicted because it is foreknown. Prediction without foreknowledge is not possible. Why would God create a universe for His glory if He did not know that it would in the future increase His acquired glory?” (Page 148)

“The ‘natural man’ produced Natural Laws, Natural Religions, and Natural Theologies on the basis of rationalism, empiricism, mysticism and fideism. All of these ended in apostasy and never did anyone any good. If you begin only with yourself, you will end only with yourself. The only ‘god’ you will find looking into the well of your own soul is a reflection of your own image. The ‘gods’ created through rationalism, empiricism, mysticism, and fideism are false gods; mere reflections of man’s hopes, dreams, fears, and psychological problems.” (Page 1)

“The Book of Ecclesiastes is the Scriptural ‘passage of full mention’ in which the Creator of the universe addresses the foundational principle of all Natural theologies. In the Book of Ecclesiastes the one true God destroys any hope whatsoever that man is the Origin of truth, justice, morals, meaning and beauty. The Book of Ecclesiastes establishes the divine truth that if we begin with man, we will end with complete and total meaninglessness.” (Page 125)

“The natural theologian trusts in himself to discover what he needs to know and what there is to know. Since the object of his trust is himself, and since his conclusions are founded on his reliance on his own abilities, his own methods, and his own premises, what this man-oriented enterprise amounts to is self-worship.” (Page xv)

Dr. Robert Morey’s study of natural law and natural theology raises important questions that every Bible-believer will want answered. His careful study and explanation of various Bible passages will yield a useful orientation to the classic arguments furnished us by the Reformers and their faithful heirs.

—Nelson Kloosterman, executive director, Worldview Resources International, Saint John, IN

  • Title: The Bible, Natural Theology and Natural Law: Conflict or Compromise?
  • Author: Robert A. Morey
  • Publisher: Christian Scholars Press
  • Publication Date: 2010
  • Pages: 437
Robert A. Morey

Robert A. Morey was an internationally recognized scholar in the fields of comparative religions, the cults, and the occult as well as on Islam. He is the author of over 40 books, some of which have been translated into Spanish, Swedish, Hungarian, Norwegian, Dutch, German, French, Italian, Chinese, Turkish and Farsi. Morey also ran Faith Defenders and was the founder of California Biblical University and Seminary.


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  1. MJ. Smith

    MJ. Smith


    I am not fond of books that provide an alternative definition of "heathen" rather than reading a dictionary -- not to mention that I am not fond of books that use derogatory terms such as "heathen". Nor am I fond of books that give a single verse reference to wipe out everything the OT says about "other nations" ... think Noahide Covenant. Nor am I fond of authors who know so little about their subject as to fail to recognize the relationship between the psalmists seeing God reflected in the universe and natural theology. But he does do a great job of burning his straw man down.


Digital list price: $22.99
Save $4.00 (17%)