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Job and Solomon


Bible scholar Cheyne interprets the book of Job, as well as Proverbs and Ecclesiastes in this study. In the introduction, he addresses the question of how the Old Testament relates to Christianity as a whole, providing valuable context. Not only does he examine each chapter of the book of Job, he goes over various questions and common academic arguments. Readers will find this to be an informative, holistic approach to this important book of the Old Testament.

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  • Studies Proverbs, Ecclesiastes, and Job
  • Investigates the relationship between Old Testament books and Christianity
  • Provides a chapter-by-chapter examination of the book of Job
  • Job’s Calamity / The Opening of the Dialogues
  • The Second Cycle of Speeches
  • The Third Cycle of Speeches
  • The Speeches of Elihu
  • The Speeches of Jehovah
  • The Epilogue and its Meaning
  • The Traditional Basis and the Purpose of Job
  • Date and Place of Composition
  • Argument from the Use of Mythology
  • Argument from the Doctrine of Angels
  • Argument from Parallel Passages
  • On the Disputed Passages
  • Is Job a Hebreoarabic Poem?
  • The Book from a Religious Point of View
  • The Book from a General and Western Point of View
  • Notes on Job and the Modern Poets
  • Aids to the Students
  • Title: Job and Solomon
  • Author: T. K. Cheyne
  • Publisher: Thomas Whittaker
  • Publication Date: 1889
  • Pages: 309

T. K. Cheyne (1841–1915) was an ordained minister and Bible scholar after studying at Göttingen in Germany. He was known for biblical criticism in light of literary and historical contexts. He published several translations of Scripture and commentaries, including The Reconciliation of Races and Religions.