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Chesterton Is Everywhere

ISBN: 9781937155148


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With the wit and style of G. K. Chesterton, D. W. Fagerberg serves a series of perceptive and entertaining essays organized around themes intrinsic to daily life: happiness, the ordinary home, social reform, Catholicism, and transcendent truths. Examining topics from homemaking to dogma, Fagerberg provides an excellent introduction to the mind of Chesterton, revealing how Chesterton has helped thousands see the truth and beauty of our God.

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Key Features

  • Discusses Chesterton’s teaching that happiness comes at a cost
  • Samples some of Chesterton’s comments on social reform
  • Explores Chesterton’s apologetics


  • Part 1: Happiness
    • En-joy!
    • The Fashionable Mr. Chesterton
    • Good to Be Here
    • Chesterton’s 4-H Club
    • Destiny’s Pursuit
    • The Saint and the Romantic
    • Weatherwise
    • When Sacrifice Gets Easy
    • A Willing Playmate
    • Recognition, the Higher Pleasure
  • Part 2: The Ordinary Home
    • An Inside Bigger than an Outside
    • This Old House
    • Now We’re Cooking
    • Ham Sandwich Distributism
    • The Ordinarily Miraculous
    • One World at a Time
    • The Song of Notting Hill
    • Bonds or Bubbles?
    • The Freedom to Restore
    • BC and AD
  • Part 3: Social Reform
    • Nudge and Judge
    • Go Ahead, Ask Me!
    • See You in the Funny Papers
    • The Illogical Bike Rack
    • Cold Comfort
    • On Being Educated
    • Grandpa Gilbert’s Long Memory
    • A Patriot of the Sexes
    • Naked Nonsense
    • A Short History of Trade and Industry During the Nineteenth and Early Twentieth Centuries
  • Part 4: Catholicism
    • Getting Practical
    • Wishing You a Vulgar Christmas
    • Not So Merry Christmas
    • Leggishness
    • Spring Fashions
    • Surprises
    • A Shrine Out of Time
    • Duncan’s Doctrine
    • Fanatical Fasters
    • A Do-It-Yourself Essay
    • Hope for Potterheads
    • Stoned
    • Intelligibility
  • Part 5: Transcendent Truths
    • A War of the Words
    • Backward Reasoning
    • Advice to New Parents
    • Chesterton, Naturally
    • A Most Un-Maternal Mother
    • Carpe Diem Religion
    • Knowing the Rules
    • Playing by the Rules
    • A Finger and a Face
    • I Couldn’t Care Less
    • I Don’t See Why It Has To Be That Way
    • Liberal Thinking
    • Homesick at Home

Praise for the Print Edition

Chesterton is Everywhere offers an extended exercise in drawing out the Chesterton’s insights on a very, very wide number of subjects, from someone who clearly has found many of them mind- and even life-changing. And drawn out, I should add, by a thoughtful man who has read a lot of Chesterton and a lot of other people, and has thought carefully about the world, and therefore offers insights to the long-time reader of Chesterton as well as the new one. Bravo.

—David Mills, executive editor, First Things

Product Details

  • Title: Chesterton is Everywhere
  • Author: David Fagerberg
  • Publisher: Emmaus Road
  • Publication Date: 2013
  • Pages: 248

David Fagerberg is associate professor of theology at the University of Notre Dame, director of the Notre Dame Center for Liturgy, and editor of its publication Assembly. He contributes regularly to Gilbert magazine. Fagerberg received his STM in linguistic philosophy from Yale Divinity School, his MA and MPhil from Yale University, and his PhD in liturgical theology from Yale University.

Sample Pages from the Print Edition


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Digital list price: $12.99
Save $3.00 (23%)