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Harmony of the Gospels

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Harmony of the Gospels arranges all of the Gospel texts chronologically, offering a unique and fluid experience of Jesus’ life and ministry. Corresponding texts of each dialogue, parable, and piece of narrative in the Gospels are arranged side-by-side. Glen Copple’s outline streamlines and explains the action alongside the text. An index of topics helps you jump into any moment of Jesus’ life to get the complete picture of the time from every angle of the Gospels. This is an invaluable study aid for those seeking to understand the events recorded in the Gospels in practical terms, and participate in a dynamic, personal, and intimate relationship with Jesus.

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Pair Harmony of the Gospels with Glen Copple’s critically acclaimed Getting to Know Jesus Bible study, and immerse yourself in the Gospel narrative like never before.

  • Arranges the whole Gospel text chronologically, verse by verse
  • Outlines and explains the action alongside the biblical text
  • Provides an index for easy access to the complete Gospel portrait of any moment in Jesus’ life
  • Enhances Glen Copple’s Getting to Know Jesus Bible study
  • Title: Harmony of the Gospels
  • Author: Glen M. Copple
  • Publisher: New Hope Gospel Ministries
  • Publication Date: 2006
  • Pages: 383

Glen M. Copple (b. 1949) earned his MA in Ministry from Pacific Christian College (now Hope International University) in 1983. His Getting to Know Jesus Bible study series is the product of over 25 years of preaching and teaching experience in non-denominational churches across America. Currently, he works full-time developing and ministering through the Getting to Know Jesus series.