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Understanding the Bible Commentary: Leviticus, Numbers

Format: Digital
, 2012


Understanding the Bible Commentary: Leviticus, Numbers takes on two often neglected books of Scripture with the conviction that modern believers can gain much benefit from them. Amidst the laws and lists, these two books display the holiness and awesomeness of God, the importance of purity, the nature of worship, the value of obedience, and the consequences of disobedience in the early life of Israel.

In the Logos edition, each Scripture passage links to your favorite translation, and the series is easy to study side-by-side with your other commentaries. You can search by topic or Scripture with remarkably fast results.

Key Features

  • Provides section-by-section commentary
  • Contains additional study notes at the end of each chapter
  • Includes suggestions for further reading and Scripture and subject indexes


  • Leviticus
    • The Manual of Sacrifice
    • Historical Narrative
    • The Manual of Purity
    • The Holiness Code
  • Numbers
    • Preparation for the March
    • Murmurings in the Wilderness
    • Journeying in the Transjordan

Product Details

  • Title: Understanding the Bible Commentary: Leviticus, Numbers
  • Author: W. H. Bellinger Jr.
  • Series: Understanding the Bible Commentary
  • Publisher: Baker
  • Publication Date: 2012
  • Pages: 352

About W. H. Bellinger Jr.

W. H. Bellinger Jr. is W. Marshall and Lulie Craig Chairholder in Bible, chair of the Department of Religion, and professor of religion at Baylor University, and is an ordained Baptist minister. His other publications include Psalms: Reading and Studying the Book of Praises and The Testimony of Poets and Sages.

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