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Book Cache: Monthly Subscription




A new payment method from Logos, Book Cache, allows you to make automatic payments and stockpile Logos credit so that when your favorite titles hit Pre-Pub or go on sale, you’ll be ready.

Book Cache is for you if . . .

  • You’re a ministry leader. If your church or board has budgeted a set amount of money each month to spend on books and reference material for you, you can set up a Book Cache subscription to make the best use of those funds. When you come across a large collection, just use your accumulated credit to buy it on the spot.
  • You’re a bibliophile. If you already spend a lot of money on Logos.com, Book Cache can help you set and maintain a regular budget.
  • You’ve ever been on a payment plan. We want you to have the resources you need, so we offer payment plans to make big purchases more accessible. There’s a small fee each month, though, due to payment maintenance. With Book Cache, you can pay for books ahead of time and avoid processing fees altogether.

Note: Logos credit purchased through the Book Cache program is nonrefundable when balance exceeds $4.99.

  • Get Pre-Pub pricing with payment-plan convenience
  • Stockpile Logos credit to pay the down payment on a large order or base package going on payment plan
  • Stay on budget
  • Avoid administrative fees
  • Get the most from your book budget
  • Does the credit I get through Logos Book Cache expire?
    No. Logos.com credit purchased through the Book Cache never expires or loses its value.
  • When I start Logos Book Cache, do I need to designate the products I want to use my credit for (like with a layaway program)?
    No. Logos Book Cache makes big-ticket Pre-Pub items more affordable. Start accumulating Logos credit so that when your favorite author’s collection hits Pre-Pub, you’ll be ready.
  • Can I get a refund on this credit?
    Not unless your balance is less than $5.
  • Can I purchase Book Cache for someone else?
    This feature is under development. We expect to offer a gifting solution very soon.
  • Where can I use this credit?
    Use Logos Book Cache credit to buy any resource or collection available on Logos.com.
  • If I don’t have enough credit to cover a purchase, can I use credit and charge the difference to my credit card?
    Yes, you can split purchases across different payment methods.
  • How long does my Book Cache subscription last?
    Until you’d like it to stop. You can change your subscription on your Logos.com profile.


16 ratings

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  1. Jeremy Hulsey

    Jeremy Hulsey


    I do the same thing with my Acorns investing account, except there my money gains interest from being invested. I think this is a good idea, but I also think it can be greatly improved.

  2. Andrew W.L. Lau
  3. Kevin Nelson

    Kevin Nelson


    I read the negatives about the program, but see them having been written over three years ago. No replies from Logos have been posted to answer the problems stated. So I have a number of questions... have those problems been resolved? Are there monthly fees you charge? Could you set it up so that I am "credited" to Logos, charged on my own card, only $10 instead of $15? (I can justify $10... but $15 is just a bit too steep.)

  4. Tito Reinaldo

    Tito Reinaldo


  5. Dave Thawley

    Dave Thawley


    I like the idea of this program. I am not sure why people are giving negative comments though. Faith life have provided something that some people will appreciate while others won't.

  6. David Groseth

    David Groseth


    If you ever use this, beware. I used it and changed it a few times. Recently I canceled it because I wanted it to happen on a different day of my credit card billing cycle. Now it is charging me every prior amount every day and Faithlife doesn't know how to stop it. I am finally over my credit limit. Thanks Faithlife.

  7. Don Brundige

    Don Brundige


  8. Billy Neumann

    Billy Neumann


    Why can you not set your own amount? Why the jump from $30 to $60? I was seriously considering this, but if I can't choose $50 (for example), I may not do it at all.

  9. James Garland

    James Garland


    Great program, NOT!!! - they get to hold your money, and probably receive interest on it... and you don't. Logos is a good tool, but more and more the company is displaying a lot of things that are about profit for them, nothing more. Like the whole admin fee - $5 per month, if you buy a $100 dollar item, break it out over five months, you pay $25 in fees, an interest rate of over 60% annually. That is criminal. Admin fee... REALLY? It is nothing but usury and a program loan-sharks would be proud of.

  10. mike