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Products>Hermeneia and Continental Old Testament Commentaries (43 vols.)

Hermeneia and Continental Old Testament Commentaries (43 vols.)

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Unique, authoritative, indispensable, Hermeneia has in a generation produced many of the most influential and informative commentaries on the Bible in the English language. Each testament collection includes all previously published Hermeneia volumes from that testament, plus all the published Hermeneia volumes on noncannonical texts and specially selected additional commentaries. A great tool for pastors, professors, teachers, students, and laity alike.

Designed for the serious student of the Bible, each volume in the Hermeneia series aims to lay bare the ancient meaning of a biblical work and utilizes the full range of philological and historical tools. The aim of each volume is to provide a full critical discussion of each problem of interpretation and the primary data upon which the discussion is based. The authors make full use of ancient Semitic and classical languages along with English translations of all comparative materials—Greek, Latin, Canaanite, or Akkadian.

Resource Experts
  • Outstanding Old Testament commentary
  • Writings from well-loved theologians Walther Zimmerli, Michael Lattke, Claus Westermann, and more
  • A fantastic collection for students, teachers, scholars, and professors
  • Title: Hermeneia: Old Testament
  • Publisher: Augsburg Fortress Press
  • Volumes: 43
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4 ratings

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  1. Young Gun Park
    LOGOS converted the textual criticism section of these books into footnotes, resulting in the omission of page number information!!!!! It cannot be cited in academic papers!!!
  2. Fred Robbins

    Fred Robbins


  3. Ronald McKinstry
  4. Unix



    I have the latest Hermeneia Old Testament set in Accordance, as I need it - uni hasn't required me to get this specific commentary set but it meets and exceeds uni requirements. I've read a lot about a lot of commentary sets. It's going to be further reviewed at: http://www.christianforums.com/posts/67991264/ ... where You may also post reviews of academic commentaries, reviews of individual volumes are very very welcome too! Out of the Continental volumes I don't use these OT volumes much anylonger but from the New Testament I use the Continental Gal -volume all the time when/if writing about Gal.
  5. Ray Robinson Spears


Collection value: $1,635.55
Save $435.56 (26%)
Starting at $72.65/mo at checkout