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Davidson's Introductory Hebrew Grammar

, 1993
ISBN: 9780567096425

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This new edition of the classic introductory Hebrew grammar has been completely revised to meet the needs of today’s students. The new grammar presupposes no previous education in the classics nor in grammar in general, but explains all the terms and principles briefly and straightforwardly as it progresses. It is designed to bring any student as soon as possible to an ability to read the Hebrew Bible. Exercises are progressively based on passages from the Hebrew Bible itself. Carefully tested by teachers and students, the new grammar has been found extremely effective and successful, either in the classroom or through home study. The whole grammar can be worked through and mastered in one term or semester.

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“‘Tense’ denotes a form of the verb where the ‘time’ of an action is indicated. ‘Aspect’ is used when the main idea expressed by the verb is that of completeness or incompleteness of the activity. In the main, the Hebrew verbal system is an ‘aspectual’ one rather than a ‘tense’ one, that is, the main emphasis is on the completeness (Perfect) or incompleteness (Imperfect) of the activity being described.” (Page 44)

“A syllable which is closed and unaccented must, however, have a short vowel.” (Page 23)

“It is worth noting that those things which do occur ‘in pairs’ in this way are usually feminine in gender.” (Pages 34–35)

“The word for ‘tradition’ in Hebrew is Masora; the scholars who transmitted it are known as the Masoretes” (Page 14)

“‘Perfect’ and ‘Imperfect’. For practical purposes for the moment, the meaning of the Perfect may be taken as ‘past’—‘he has guarded’ (the present perfect) or ‘he guarded’ (the simple past).” (Page 44)

Praise for the Print Edition

This is the grammar of Biblical Hebrew for which students – and their teachers – have been waiting for a long time: sufficiently traditional in its use of recognized conventions, but thoroughly up-to-date in style and presentation… it should be entirely accessible to the beginner and a congenial companion for the advanced leaner.

—Professor William Johnstone, University of Aberdeen

The venerable history of this grammar, now in its 27th edition, attests to its usefulness. With considerable modifications, the reviser has tailored it to the pedagogical preferences of the current generation of Hebrew students.

—David C. Deuel, Master's Seminary Journal

Product Details

  • Title: Davidson’s Introductory Hebrew Grammar, 27th Edition
  • Author: James D. Martin
  • Publisher: T & T Clark
  • Publication Date: 2004
  • Pages: 225

Dr. James D. Martin was Senior Lecturer in Hebrew and Old Testament in the University of St. Andrews. He now lives in Fife.

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  1. Rafa



    It is what you pay for, a Hebrew grammar book! Not bad!
  2. Andreshome




Digital list price: $39.99
Save $10.00 (25%)