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History and Theology of the Russian Orthodox Church (5 vols.)
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The History and Theology of the Russian Orthodox Church collection (5 vols.) is perfect for anyone interested in a thorough introduction to Orthodox Christianity in the land of Rus. In a nation with over 1,000 years of continuous, Christian faith and tradition, Russian Christianity has been forged by a number of trials and tribulations, including most recently the atheistic, Soviet oppression. This collection includes a number of English language volumes on the history of the Church in Russia, the adoption of Orthodox Christianity as its state religion, the interaction between Russian Christianity and the surrounding nations, and even a number of lectures and sermons from a Russian priest in the latter part of the nineteenth century, providing an informative glimpse into the Russian piety of the pre-Soviet era.

With the Logos edition, all Scripture references are tagged and appear in your favorite translation on mouseover. The History and Theology of the Russian Orthodox Church collection is completely searchable, so you can see the connections between various themes, events, and historical figures in the Russian Christian tradition like never before. You can also cross-reference related texts at the touch of a button, and all your dictionaries and other reference tools are just a click away.

Key Features

  • Landmark English works on the history of Russian Christianity
  • Sermons from a nineteenth century Russian Orthodox priest
  • Lectures on the history, doctrine, and ceremonies of the Orthodox Church

Individual Titles

A History of the Church of Russia

  • Author: Andrew Nicholaevich Mouravieff
  • Translator: R. W. Blackmore
  • Publisher: Oxford University Press
  • Publication Date: 1842
  • Pages: 478

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This volume presents a thorough, scholarly history of the Orthodox Church in Russia, starting with the introduction of Christianity to Russia in 866, and leading all the way up to the Most Holy Synod of 1721.

Andrew Nicholaevich Mouravieff was Chamberlain to His Imperial Majesty and Under-Procurator of the Most Holy Governing Synod of Russia in the nineteenth century. As a layman, he devoted his life to the service of the Church, writing a number of important Orthodox works, including an exposition of the Niceno-Constantinopolitan Creed, which had received the approval of the Russian Synod of his day.

Preaching in the Russian Church: Lectures and Sermons by a Priest of the Holy Orthodox Church

  • Author: Sebastian Dabovich
  • Publisher: Cubery and Company
  • Publication Date: 1899
  • Pages: 188

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Fr. Sebastian Dabovich dedicates this collection of sermons and lectures to his fellow laborers "in the tilling of the soil and the sowing of the seed." The topics covered in these sermons include the immortality of the soul, reflections on fasting, thoughts for Good Friday, and a sermon on the Great Feast of Ascension.

Sebastian Dabovich was a Serbian priest for the Russian Orthodox missionary movement in America at the end of the nineteenth century. He was responsible for the foundation of several Orthodox churches in the United States, and authored multiple volumes on the Orthodox faith. He served the churches of America in several locations, including Sitka, Alaska, San Francisco, California, Chicago, Illinois, and Tenafly, New Jersey. He finished his life serving the Church of Yugoslavia, reposing there on November 30, 1940. He was buried at the monastery of Zicha, and is under consideration for glorification as a Saint in the Orthodox Church.

The Religion of Russia: A Study of the Orthodox Church in Russia, from the Point of View of the Church in England

  • Author: George Bernard Hamilton
  • Publisher: The Society of Ss. Peter and Paul
  • Publication Date: 1915
  • Pages: 144

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This classic, English-language work on the Russian Orthodox Church covers the history of Orthodoxy in Russia, the elements of Orthodox liturgical worship, the piety of individual Orthodox Christians, the organization of Orthodox hierarchy, and the relationship between the Russian church and other Christian communions in the early twentieth century.

George Bernard Hamilton was an ordained minister of the Church of England and vicar of Cardington, and had also served in the Durham University OTC as well as the Oxfordshire and Buckinghamshire Light Infantry. He was later the Diocesan Secretary for the Anglican and Eastern Church Association, authoring a number of works on Russian Orthodox Christianity.

The Russian Church: Lectures on its History, Constitution, Doctrine, and Ceremonial

  • Author: Anglican and Eastern Churches Association
  • Publisher: SPCK
  • Publication Date: 1915
  • Pages: 104

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This work includes a preface from the Lord Bishop of London as well as individual contributions from the Revs. Percy Dearmer, R. W. Burnie, W. J. Birkbeck, and H. J. Fynes-Clinton of the Church of England. The topics covered include the history of the Orthodox Church in Russia, the ecclesiology and organization of the churches, the primary doctrines of the Orthodox faith, and her various ceremonies and liturgical rites.

The Anglican and Eastern Churches Association, principally founded by John Mason Neale in 1864, was a religious organization with its express aim being the reunion of the Eastern and Anglican communions in the nineteenth century. The association was responsible for a number of publications and journals on the relationship between both Anglican and Orthodox doctrines, piety, and worship.

The Soul of Russia

  • Author: Charles Thomas Byford
  • Publisher: The Kingsgate Press
  • Publication Date: 1914
  • Pages: 408

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This extensive work critically examines the sacraments of the Orthodox Church, her use of holy icons, the nature of her priesthood, and the relationship between the Orthodox Church and the Uniates, along with an examination of other religious minorities in Russia in the early twentieth century.

Charles Thomas Byford was an English specialist in the religious environment of Russia at the beginning of the twentieth century.

Product Details

  • Title: History and Theology of the Russian Orthodox Church (5 vols.)
  • Volumes: 5
  • Pages: 1,322