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Tom Wright for Everyone

, 2011
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Tom Wright for Everyone summarizes the theology of Tom Wright around the significant topics of covenant, heaven, kingdom, and the resurrection. Stephen Kuhrt addresses the reticence of many evangelicals to engage with Wright’s historical positions, and also discusses the benefits of putting Wright’s theology into practice in his own parish church.

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  • Demonstrates Tom Wright’s theories in practice
  • Addresses controversial elements of Tom Wright’s theology
  • States Tom Wright’s challenge to the Church
  • The Career of Tom Wright: Emergence, Scholarship and Non-Engagement
  • Theological Questions Awaiting an Answer
  • A Summary of the Theology of N. T. Wright
  • Tom Wright’s Theology in a Pastoral Context
  • Tom Wright’s Theology in a Mission Context
  • Tom Wright’s Theology in Church Life
  • The Challenge of Tom Wright to the Church
Stephen Kuhrt’s book makes a warm and convincing case that Tom Wright’s theology has the potential to transform the local church, the academy, and contemporary evangelicalism. This is a timely and accessible introduction to the significance of a formidable thinker and brave servant of God.

—John Pritchard, Bishop of Oxford

In this book Stephen Kuhrt offers us two very important things: not only has he pulled together the many different strands of Tom Wright’s thinking into a thoughtful and readable whole, he also makes available to us the quite considerable reflections of someone who has, over the years, sought to put this theology into practice in his own ministry. Tom Wright for Everyone is thought-provoking, reflective, challenging and well worth reading.

Paula Gooder, lecturer in new testament studies at Ripon College Cuddesdon

  • Title: Tom Wright for Everyone
  • Author: Stephen Kuhrt
  • Publisher: SPCK
  • Publication Date: 2001
  • Pages: 160

Stephen Kuhrt studied at Wycliffe Hall, Oxford and worked in the Church of England. He is currently the reverend of Christ Church in New Malden, and often publishes articles online.

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Digital list price: $14.99
Regular price: $11.99
Save $3.60 (30%)