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The late nineteenth century saw a boom in biblical studies and publications, growing everything from archaeology and natural history to theology and interpretation. Simultaneously, Bible education for the layperson grew in leaps and bounds, as Sunday schools abounded and books flew off the press aimed at the everyday Christian. Developed by the Presbyterian Board of Publications to provide a reliable reference work for the latest topics related to Bible interpretation, geography, and linguistics, The Westminster Bible Dictionary is the one-stop reference book for all terms biblical, ecclesial, and theological.

This unique digital edition integrates completely with Logos Bible Software. Articles link to Logos’ Bible Word Study, Bible Facts, Guides, Information Panel, and other features and research tools. Use it to look up any word in your research simply by right-clicking on the word and selecting the dictionary—and then compare its article with similar articles from your other reference works.

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  • Discusses ecclesial and theological terms, such as “Bishop,” “Election,” and “Predestination”
  • Provides linguistic meanings of Hebrew and Greek words
  • Contains hundreds of illustrations and images
  • Title: The Westminster Bible Dictionary
  • Editor: Thomas J. Shepherd
  • Publisher: Presbyterian Board of Publication
  • Publication Date: 1880
  • Pages: 544

Thomas J. Shepherd had his doctorate of divinity and was secretary of the Presbyterian House and ordained in the Presbyterian Church of America.


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  4. Roberto L. Galvão
  5. Larry Proffitt
  6. Mr. Youngblood

    Mr. Youngblood


  7. Tommy Miller

    Tommy Miller


    Not user-friendly. If one wants to search a term such as Bishop, Election, or Predestination, one must type it exactly as it appears in this dictionary (i.e.: Bi'shop, Elect, or Pre-des-ti-naʹtion). Otherwise, one must open the content pane and search alphabetically or type one letter at a time, keeping an eye on the drop down suggestions, until one finds the correct word. Logos should set the search engine to ignore hyphens, apostrophes, and commas, in order for this to dictionary to be useable.

  8. Raymond Sevilla

    Raymond Sevilla


Save 25% during the Memorial Day sale.


Digital list price: $32.99
Regular price: $24.99
Save $6.25 (25%)