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The Glory Due His Name: What God Says about Worship

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“What did you get out of the service today?” It’s a question that many might ask their children on the way home from church. But a closer study of biblical worship reveals that a better question might be “What did God get out of your worship today?”

Many churches provide variety in worship, offering traditional worship at one service and contemporary worship at another. The clear implication is that worship style is simply a matter of personal preference—that worship style does not matter to God. But does God agree? Are the sincerity and personal enjoyment of the worshiper the only important considerations? The only way to know what God thinks is to examine His Word.

In The Glory Due His Name, Gary Reimers explores what God expects in worship. Reimers draws parallels between wrong forms of ancient worship and dangerous trends in modern services. He also shows how worship services can continue to give God the kind of worship He demands. This study of the doctrine of public worship is essential for all who desire to worship God in spirit and in truth.

The Logos edition of this important theological work from Bob Jones University is fully searchable and easily accessible. Scripture passages are linked directly to your preferred translation, and important theological concepts are linked to dictionaries, encyclopedias, and the wealth of resources in your digital library.

Resource Experts
  • Examines God’s expectations of worship and what the Bible says on the subject
  • Discusses different kinds of worship and the importance of both public and private worship
  • Warns of the danger of deviant worship
  • True Worship’s Essence and Elements
  • Multi-Generational Impact: Worship Style and Your Family
  • The Dangers of Deviant Worship

Top Highlights

“Worship, then, is the process of declaring, by whatever means God ordains, that the Lord is full of glory.” (Page 8)

“To worship in truth, then, means to regulate one’s worship according to the instructions of God’s Word. In other words, true worship must be scriptural (do it the way God says), and it must be spiritual (do it from your heart).” (Page 12)

“Worship is an event where God should be the center of attention and the guest of honor.” (Page 5)

“The word translated calf points to a fully developed ox in the prime of life.6 This was the most powerful domesticated animal they knew, one that would be extremely useful in an agricultural economy. From their perspective this reflected a very high view of God. On the negative side, though, it also reflected their wrong thinking about God. When they did not need an ox they would simply leave him in the stall or in the pasture. As long as they provided food and water, the ox would be ready to help whenever they called. An ox seemed to be a good way to portray their view of what they thought were God’s best qualities.” (Page 73)

“The key point, though, is that getting a blessing is not the purpose of worship. The purpose is to give, not to get. As simple as that sounds, it has proven to be elusive in actual practice.” (Page 9)

  • Title: The Glory Due His Name: What God Says about Worship
  • Author: Gary Reimers
  • Publisher: BJU Press
  • Publication Date: 2009
  • Pages: 108

Gary Reimers is professor of theology at Bob Jones University Seminary.


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    Digital list price: $9.99
    Save $2.00 (20%)