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An Exposition of the Book of the Revelation
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An Exposition of the Book of the Revelation


Hodges, Smith and Co., Hamilton, Adams & Co., Simpkin, Marshall, and Co. 1857

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New Testament scholar de Burgh believes that Scripture is its own interpreter, and with this view in mind, he sets out to classify the book of Revelation. Divided into 24 lectures covering the whole of Revelation, he answers common questions about this mysterious book, and offers solid commentary. He also includes 16 topical appendixes to guide study.

An Exposition of the Book of the Revelation is perfect for students, professors, historians, and anyone wanting a greater grasp on this divisive book of the Bible. With the Logos edition, all Scriptures are linked to the Bibles in your library, making study fast and easy.

Key Features

  • Includes all 24 lectures from de Burgh
  • Provides an extensive commentary on the book of Revelation
  • Contains 16 topical appendixes for guided study


  • Lecture First: The Title and Inscription (Chap. 1:1–8)
  • Lecture Second: The Commission and Vision (Chap. 1:9)
  • Lecture Third: The Epistle to Ephesus (Chap. 2:1–7)
  • Lecture Fourth: The Epistle to Smyrna (Chap. 2:8–11)
  • Lecture Fifth: The Epistle to Pergamos (Chap. 2:12–17)
  • Lecture Sixth: The Epistle to Thyatira (Chap. 2:18–end)
  • Lecture Seventh: The Epistle to Sardis (Chap. 3:1–6)
  • Lecture Eighth: The Epistle to Philadelphia (Chap. 3:7–13)
  • Lecture Ninth: The Epistle to Laodicea (Chap. 3:14–end)
  • Lecture Tenth: The Vision Introductory to the Seals (Chap. 4)
  • Lecture Eleventh: The Vision of the Sealed Book (Chap. 5)
  • Lecture Twelfth: The Opening of the First Six Seals (Chap. 6)
  • Lecture Thirteenth: The Sealing of the Twelve Tribes of Israel: The Palm–bearing Multitude (Chap. 7)
  • Lecture Fourteenth: The Opening of the Seventh Seal (Chapters 8 and 9)
  • Lecture Fifteenth: The Little Book: The Two Witnesses (Chap. 10 and 11:1–18)
  • Lecture Sixteenth: The Woman and Dragon (Chapters 11:19, and 12 and 13)
  • Lecture Seventeenth: The Beast and False Prophet (Chap. 13)
  • Lecture Eighteenth: The First–Fruits and Harvest (Chap. 14)
  • Lecture Nineteenth: The Seven Vials of Wrath (Chap. 15 and 16)
  • Lecture Twentieth: The Fall of Babylon (Chapters 17 and 18)
  • Lecture Twenty-First: The Second Advent (Chap. 19)
  • Lecture Twenty-Second: The Millennium (Chap. 20)
  • Lecture Twenty-Third: The New Heaven and Earth (Chap. 21 and 22:1–5)
  • Lecture Twenty-Fourth: The Concluding Charge (Chap. 22:6–end)

Product Details

  • Title: An Exposition of the Book of the Revelation
  • Author: William de Burgh
  • Publisher: Hodges, Smith, & Co.
  • Publication Date: 1857
  • Pages: 440

About William de Burgh

William de Burgh was a biblical scholar from the nineteenth century.

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