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Abbott-Smith's Manual Greek Lexicon of the New Testament


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Abbot-Smith’s A Manual Lexicon of the New Testament was written to offer an update to older lexicons—those written before the discovery of manuscripts demonstrating that the New Testament was written in koine Greek, rather than a Hebrew variant of classical Greek. It was also written to be a quick reference guide for students of the New Testament to use while reading their Greek text. It adopts the textual standard of Moulton and Geden’s Concordance to the Greek New Testament by following the Westcott & Hort Greek text.

This resource links with the language texts in your library for quick and easy cross-references. Scripture references appear on mouseover, and a click shows you the verse in your preferred translation. Add this important language tool to your library to further your study of the Greek New Testament.

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Key Features

  • Extensive list of abbreviations
  • Appendix listing all irregular verbs
  • Appendix containing alphabetical list of verbal forms
  • Reference to Septuagint usage

Top Highlights

“1. in broad sense, righteousness, conformity to the Divine will in purpose, thought and action” (Page 116)

“I. Of place, c. dat. rei, pers., in, within, on, at, by, among” (Page 150)

“what is woven or twisted (as basket-work, nets, etc.); a braiding (sc. τριχῶν, cf. 1 Pe 3:3): pl., 1 Ti 2:9” (Page 363)

“εἶδος, -ους, τό, [in LXX for מַרְאֶה‎, תֹּאַר, etc.;] 1. that which is seen, appearance, external form” (Page 131)

“to be taking in knowledge, come to know, recognize, perceive, understand” (Page 92)

Product Details

  • Title: A Manual Greek Lexicon of the New Testament
  • Author: G. Abbot-Smith
  • Publisher: Charles Scribner’s Sons
  • Publication Date: 1922
  • Pages: 512

George Abbot-Smith (1864–1947) was the professor of New Testament literature at the Montreal Diocesan Theological College and the assistant professor in the Oriental Department at McGill University.


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Digital list price: $16.49
Save $4.00 (24%)