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The Blood of the Cross
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The Blood of the Cross


William S. Martien 1849

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“Reader! Rest not until you have got matters thoroughly settled between God and your soul,” says Bonar in the preface to The Blood of the Cross. This book expounds the importance of God presenting his only begotten son for all of mankind’s salvation. Written with Bonar’s customary verve, this concise book is a spiritual treasure that champions timeless truths.

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Key Features

  • Examines the guilt of the world relating to the blood of Jesus
  • Discusses the Good News concerning the blood of the cross

Praise for the Print Edition

We would direct the special attention of our readers to this little work. It is written throughout with much earnestness, in many places with great power, and cannot well be read without producing a very solemnizing impression. It is pre-eminently of an awakening character, and may be put into the hands of the careless and the slothful with strong hopes of advantage.

Free Church Magazine

This is a weighty little book on a great and glorious theme.

Scottish Guardian

A singularly impressive and solemnizing little work.

Christian Treasury

It is a pleasing and most gratifying evidence that the fire of love to the souls of men is still burning in the breast of its pious author, and thus seeking an outlet, not only from the pulpit, but even from the press. There is true cause of joy in the appearance of this little volume.

Christian News

Full of pious observations, and contains some pointed and solemn passages; and we doubt not will be acceptable and profitable.

Kelso Chronicle

Like some other works which Dr. Bonar has given to the world, this book is eminently practical, and founds its practical instructions upon the grandest and most stirring themes of the gospel.

Christian Instructor

This little volume is written in a very energetic style. It seems to be the aim of the author to produce a present effect. It contains much that is valuable and true.

Christian Chronicle

This handsome little volume abounds with pious meditations o the subject of which it treats, and the whole volume is infused with the pious spirit of its estimable author.

Baltimore Patriot

Product Details

  • Title: The Blood of the Cross
  • Author: Horatius Bonar
  • Publisher: William S. Martien
  • Publication Date: 1849
  • Pages: 63

About Horatius Bonar

Horatius Bonar was born and raised in Edinburgh, Scotland, in a family with a long history of ministry in the Church of Scotland. After graduating from the University of Edinburgh in 1838 (where he studied under Dr. Thomas Chalmers), Bonar was ordained and became pastor of the North Parish, Kelso, where he remained for 28 years. He joined the Free Church of Scotland after “the Great Disruption” of 1843, and in 1853 he earned a doctor of divinity degree from the University of Aberdeen. In 1867, he took over ministry duties at Chalmers Memorial Church in Edinburgh, and in 1883 he was elected Moderator of the General Assembly of the Church of Scotland. A prolific author, he wrote and edited numerous books, biographies, articles, poems, tracts, and over 600 hymns. Horatius Bonar died on May 31, 1889.

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