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Growing Kingdom Character: Practical, Intentional Tools for Developing Leaders

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Most leaders fail at the pinnacle of their influence, not because of a lack of leadership skills but rather due to character flaws. It’s character—not years of experience—that counts for lasting leadership impact.

Drawing from more than 30 years of discipling and mentoring emerging leaders, author Tom Yeakly has written this hands-on tool to equip current leaders, especially young leaders, to intentionally develop positive character traits for sustainable leadership influence.

Teaching, application exercises, and Bible study on 10 essential character qualities make this practical handbook a must-have for those involved in discipleship and mentoring. The fruit will be a new generation of kingdom leaders who lead with integrity, maturity, and wisdom.

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  • Discusses the formation of character and its process
  • Emphasizes the importance of good character in leadership
  • Encourages the reader to use their greatest tool in developing themselves, the Word of God
  • Part One: Foundational Character Qualities
    • Love: The Cornerstone of Kingdom Character
    • Integrity: Who You Are When You Think You Are Alone
    • Humility: Discovering the Doorway to Greatness
    • Servanthood: Are You a Servant Who Leads or a Leader Who Serves?
  • Part Two: Supporting Character Qualities
    • Purity: It’s More Than Just Saying No
    • Faith: Trusting the Promises of God
    • Patience: When God’s Timing Doesn’t Fit Your Schedule
    • Self-Control: Life Is More Than Self-Gratification
    • Teachability: Becoming a Lifelong Learner
    • Courage: Finding Your Confidence and Security in God
There are many books that focus on leadership skills but few that teach the important character qualities of successful leadership. Growing Kingdom Character is rooted in the Bible and is written by a man who practices what he has written. This book will be valuable for those currently in leadership and for those aspiring to a leadership role.

Jerry Bridges, author and staff member, The Navigators

This book emphasizes that leadership is not a matter of ability but rather character. My prediction is that this book will be mightily used by all of us who want to leave a legacy of godly families and ministries.

Erwin Lutzer, senior pastor, Moody Church, Chicago, IL

Few leaders finish well. Most leadership failure is rooted in character issues. Tom Yeakley recognizes that character is foundational to a leader’s development. Yeakley’s character taxonomy includes four foundational characteristics and six superstructural characteristics. Each of these 10 items are crucial to a leader’s development. Yeakley gives biblical applications and practical exercises to help leaders work on developing character. Leaders who heed Yeakley’s exhortations and go on to develop his 10 characteristics are well on their way to continuing well and perhaps finishing well. Chapter six on faith, which incites inspirational leadership, is worth the price of the whole book.

—J. Robert Clinton, senior professor of leadership, School of Intercultural Studies, Fuller Theological Seminary

The ferocity of the spiritual battle and the changing leadership environment mandates that all successful leaders have a reflective, growing relationship with our Master. If leaders do not reflect on their own behavior in light of Scripture, they will succumb to the risks inherent with their positions of power and become another casualty in a war that has already claimed too many.

—David M. Church, director, Leadership and Ethics Program, Nazarene Bible College

Tom has been intentionally developing leaders his whole adult life; he models what he writes. His practical wisdom gets to the heart of developing people in the kingdom of God. This book is engaging, biblically based, and extremely helpful and relevant. I highly recommend it!

—Lindy Black, associate director of US field ministries, The Navigators

Tom Yeakley has written a practical and in-depth guide for young leaders eager to become more Christlike in their lives and in leadership. Every time we use this book in our training, we see God challenging people to invest in one of the most fundamental aspects of ministering to others: character growth.

—Laurence Koo, adjunct director of student ministry, The Navigators (Netherlands)

There are several outstanding books available on biblical leadership, but few authors focus on character development as the Master did. I have been challenged and encouraged by this excellent study on godly character. This is what spiritual leaders need today.

—Terje Tonäs Konradsen, chairman, YWAM Northern Europe

‘Help, Lord, for the godly man ceases to be’ (Psalm 12:1). The psalmist’s cry is still true today. The leadership gap in our churches, families, and communities is not getting smaller; on the contrary, it’s growing! Tom Yeakley nails it when he calls for godly character that flows from an integrated heart. In Growing Kingdom Character, he presents practical insight and help that deserves our attention.

—Bryan Brown, director of leadership development, Perimeter Church, Atlanta, GA

  • Title: Growing Kingdom Character: Practical Intentional Tools for Developing Leaders
  • Author: Tom Yeakley
  • Publisher: NavPress
  • Publication Date: 2011
  • Pages: 199

Tom Yeakley has been involved in coaching and developing leaders for over 30 years with The Navigators. He and his wife, Dana, are active in mentoring emerging leaders one-on-one, speaking at conferences, and developing leaders both in the United States and internationally. The Yeakleys have been on staff with The Navigators since 1978. They served as missionaries to Indonesia, and upon their return to the United States in 1994, they served on and led the Collegiate Ministry leadership team for The Navigators. Since 2003, Tom has traveled internationally coaching Navigator student ministry leaders, primarily in Western Europe. He currently is also helping to bring leadership to a new leader development initiative with the US Navigators leader community, as well as churches and mission organizations.

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Digital list price: $10.99
Regular price: $8.99
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