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The Meaning of Tradition

, 2004
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Some Christians claim to reject tradition in favor of a supposedly “Bible-only” Christianity. Catholics, on the other hand, venerate tradition, yet often without adequately understanding it. In this masterful book, the great theologian Yves Congar explains why tradition is an inescapable aspect of a fully biblical Christian faith. He explores the various forms of tradition and discusses the relationship between Scripture and tradition, as well as the role of the Magisterium of the Church. The Meaning of Tradition clears up misconceptions held by many Evangelical Christians and even some Catholics on this important subject. Congar’s study of tradition greatly contributed to the teachings of Vatican II and to a deeper appreciation of the Church Fathers.

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  • Discusses the relationship between Scripture and tradition
  • Explores the various forms of tradition
  • Clarifies misconceptions about tradition
  • Tradition and Traditions
    • The Primary Meaning, Broad Yet Precise
  • The Subject of Tradition
    • The Holy Spirit: Transcendent Subject of Tradition
    • The Church: Visible and Historical Subject of Tradition
  • The Content of Tradition: Tradition and Scripture
    • Scripture and Tradition
For Congar, tradition is a real, living self-communication of God. Its content is the whole Christian reality disclosed in Jesus Christ. It is transmitted not only by written and spoken words, but equally by prayer, sacramental worship and participation in the Church’s life. When I have taught on tradition to seminarians and graduate students I have regularly used this book. Congar is perhaps the greatest master of the theology of tradition who has ever lived.

—Avery Dulles (1918–2008), Cardinal-Deacon, S.S. Nome di Gesù e Maria in Via Lata

  • Title: The Meaning of Tradition
  • Author: Yves Congar
  • Publisher: Ignatius Press
  • Publication Date: 2004
  • Pages: 175

Yves Marie Joseph Congar (April 8, 1904, Sedan, Ardennes – June 22, 1995) was a French Dominican cardinal and theologian.


Digital list price: $13.99
Save $3.00 (21%)