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Revelation's Rhapsody is an illuminating volume of guidelines for interpreting Revelation: what John was seeing and the message he was passing on from Christ to his readers. Founded on solid scholarship, this accessible and friendly work avoids unnecessary technical jargon and an ivory tower’s detachment from believers and the conditions of our world. Lowery balances the desire to apply the book to today with an appreciation for how the original audience would have understood it. Revelation's Rhapsody helps the reader delve into the mystery of Revelation and discover a clear, easily understood message intended for Christians of every century.

Dr. Lowery conducts us deeply into the symphony that is Revelation. His wise guidance helps us hear the music coming from the throne room. This deepens our devotion. And then we are drawn to worship in ways that are practical, pastoral and evangelistic. Just as the Lamb leads.
— Tony Twist, President, TCM International Institute, Heiligenkreuz, Austria

Have you ever begun to read the book of Revelation only to be defeated by a swirling set of bewildering images: winged creatures, beast, trumpets, the number 666? Are you ever puzzled at the way some use the book to predict the future, from interpreting the most recent events in the Middle East to pinpointing the date of Christ’s return? Do you believe that Revelation has nothing to do with your life as a follower of Jesus?

If so, then this volume of guidelines for interpreting John’s message is for you. Revelation's Rhapsody has been written out of compassion for those who have tried to read, understand, and apply the book of Revelation and who have abandoned hope of ever understanding it. Written out of concern because many disciples of Jesus are obsessed with using Revelation to know and control the future. Written out of conviction that Revelation’s message needs to be heard and obeyed by God’s people.

Revelation's Rhapsody challenges readers, motivates them, to go deeper into Revelation. The author believes that a deeper understanding of Revelation produces better equipped disciples of Jesus in light of the future God has revealed for his people.

Praise for the Print Edition

For over twenty-five years I have been inspired by the teaching, scholarship, and passion of Dr. Robert Lowery. In fact, I still turn to him for Biblical insights, understanding, and accurate application. He approaches one of the most intimidating books of Scripture with the precision of a surgeon and the love and concern of a close friend. Your intellect will be stretched; your assumptions challenged; and your soul infused with new hope.

—Gene Appel, Lead Pastor, Willow Creek Community Church

Popular level guides to the Book of Revelation abound, but most of them either insist that the last book of the Bible is a road map of current events or a source for reconstructing first-century history only. Lowery avoids both of these pitfalls and deftly leads the lay person or college undergraduate down a safe path to interpretive sanity. Enjoyably written and peppered with personal illustrations, this is a welcome addition to a crowded field, and one which clearly stands out from the crowd!

— Craig L. Blomberg, Professor Denver Seminary

Although the book of Revelation is longer than twenty other New Testament books and comprises six percent of the entire New Testament, it is no doubt the least one read, understood, and applied. But that can change because Robert Lowery brings to today’s readers the interpretative principles used by the first readers. In doing so, Christians in every century and culture can read Revelation with clarity instead of confusion. This handbook is a valuable gold mine of guidelines for all Christians from the pulpit to the pew, from the spiritually mature to the spiritual infant, and from the scholar to the newest student of Scripture. The appendices on the Old Testament allusions in Revelation and a key to select symbols alone are worth the price of the book.

—Knofel Staton, Professor Hope International University, Fullerton, CA.

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  • Title: Revelation's Rhapsody: Listening to the Lyrics of the Lamb: How to Read the Book of Revelation
  • Author: Robert Lowery
  • Publisher: College Press
  • Publication Date: July, 2006
  • Pages: 222

Robert Lowery began his teaching ministry at Lincoln in 1975. He is a graduate of both Lincoln Christian College and Lincoln Christian Seminary, receiving the Master of Divinity in New Testament from the latter in 1973. Dr. Lowery also holds a Master of Theology degree from Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary in Massachusetts. After returning to Lincoln to teach, Professor Lowery took further graduate work at Princeton and Harvard Universities. In 1991 he completed the Ph.D. at the University of Aberdeen in Scotland. Professor Lowery, noted for his wedding of sound exegesis and exposition, served several churches as student minister, both in Illinois and in the New England states, while he continued his education. As a professor, he continues to minister to and with churches in several capacities: interim preacher, consultant, and speaker for revivals and seminars. He has made presentations at the North American Christian Convention, the Open Forum of the Christian Churches and Churches of Christ, The Restoration Forum, and the Evangelical Theological Society and has spoken for several state or regional Christian conventions (Michigan, Wisconsin, Eastern). He has participated in lectureships sponsored by Central Christian College (Moberly, MO), Great Lakes Christian College (Lansing, MI), Hope International University (Fullerton, CA), Maritime Christian College (Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island), Minnesota Bible College (Rochester), Nebraska Christian College (Norfolk), and Pepperdine University (Malibu, CA). With regard to overseas work, he is an adjunct faculty member for The TCM International Institute, based in Heiligenkreuz, Austria, where he has taught since 1994. He has also taught courses for the Institute in a number of Eastern European countries. He has also led study tours to Israel, Greece, and Turkey. His wife Marilyn and he have two married children, Brian and Sarah Lowery and Joseph and Rachel Mollet and two granddaughters, Carissa and Jocelyn Mollet. He enjoys reading, movies, listening to music, attending Bob Dylan and U2 concerts and photography.


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    An amazingly insightful and helpful look at the book of Revelation from the perspective of the people to whom it was originally addressed. This seems a common-sense approach for such a contentious book. The entreaty is to consult the Old Testament for the interpretation of the symbols of Revelation rather than the newspaper.

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Digital list price: $13.99
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