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Lexham Clauses Dataset: LHB Edition

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Detailed grammatical data on every clause in the Hebrew Old Testament

Our team has meticulously catalogued more than 77,000 clauses in the Hebrew Old Testament, tagging parts of speech, identifying subjects with objects, connecting pronouns with their referents, noting verbal tenses, and more. We’ve done the leg work for you, enabling you to perform powerful, precise searches in the original language in just a few key strokes. Search all clauses in the Bible that have Moses as the object. Find every reference to a biblical person—including pronominal references—no matter what name is used. Narrow your search according to tense, mood, voice, person, and more. Every time you perform a Hebrew clause search in the Old Testament, Logos scours this database and gives you the information you need in an instant. The Clauses Database Dataset: LHB Edition lets you find only the passages relevant to your study, delivering powerful insights to enhance your sermon, research paper, lesson, or Bible study.

Discover more ways Logos Bible Software delivers insight for your Bible study with Lexham Clauses Dataset: SBLGNT Edition.

  • Catalogues over 77,000 clauses in the Hebrew Old Testament
  • Identifies parts of speech, links subjects with objects, connects pronouns with referents, notes verbal tenses, and more


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    Print list price: $49.99
    Save $25.00 (50%)