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Soul Rape: Recovering Personhood after Abuse
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Soul Rape: Recovering Personhood after Abuse


Love Healing Press 2012

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If you were abused or neglected as a child, chances are that you have been your whole life, whether you’re a man, a woman, or a teen. Child abuse so mangles the personality that the victim unconsciously attracts abusers throughout the life cycle. Lies about yourself were planted deep in your mind by the abuse, and you still believe them. Until you understand exactly what the abuse did to you, you cannot get free. Soul Rape: Recovering Personhood after Abuse provides an effective seven-step program for use by victims, their therapists, and for group work. In this book, survivors and professionals will discover:

  • How celebrities become addicts
  • Why 12-step programs don’t work and can be extremely harmful
  • What a faith-based seven-step program for abuse recovery can do for you
  • How addressing abuse solves the cycle of addictions
  • Why mental illness is a reaction to somebody else’s craziness
  • How group work can transform victims into survivors
  • Why “bootleg” churches are starving souls and endangering America

With Logos, countless Scripture passages are just a click away. Whether you’re a counselor or you’re being counseled, the Logos edition of Soul Rape: Recovering Personhood after Abuse brings the words of Scripture closer than ever to one of life’s greatest challenges. Search the entire volume by topic to find the exact resources you’re looking for and specific biblical insight on any question. Whether you’re a working counselor looking for a comprehensive set of practical tools or you’re a Christian dealing with the book’s topics in your own life, Soul Rape: Recovering Personhood after Abuse can help you tackle one of today’s toughest issues.

Key Features

  • Provides a comprehensive look at various forms of abuse
  • Presents a faith-based seven step program for abuse recovery
  • Illustrates that finding our identity in Christ is the only way to recover personhood after abuse
  • Includes seven psychometric instruments and assessments


  • Disintegration of Life
  • The Recovering of Self
  • The Lies Implanted by Abuse
  • Physical Abuse
  • Terrorizing
  • Parentification
  • Abuse at School
  • Neglect and Rejection
  • Domestic Abuse
  • A Man’s Account
  • Child Abuse Treatment
  • Treatment of Adult Survivors
  • A New Seven-Step Program
  • Special Populations
  • The Dangerous Student
  • Workplace Violence
  • The Falsely Accused: Victims in the Truest Sense

Praise for the Print Edition

Soul Rape is an eye-opener for everybody who hates human suffering. It clearly demonstrates that mental illness is usually the result of being sinned against. We need to stop this cycle of abuse, which is occurring not just often but virtually all the time all around this world. The first step is to master the insights of this invaluable book, which is destined to change the face of psychology and theology permanently.

—Anacleto B. Millendez, founder, Beautiful Heart Foundation

Soul Rape is a tour de force of the tortured landscape of child abuse and its pernicious long-term outcomes. Numerous case studies expertly intertwine with theoretical insights to produce the equivalent of a comprehensive and unconventional treatment modality. This book is important contribution toward the edification of victims and institutions alike.

—Sam Vaknin, editor-in-chief, Global Politician

This is a wonderful book. It should be compulsory reading for anyone dealing with abused children or abused adults, or adult survivors of childhood abuse: physicians, psychologists, and other therapists, teachers, protective workers, and so on. And the language is so clear and nontechnical that it will be of enormous benefit to the survivors of trauma themselves, and even to parent who want to ensure the safety and wellbeing of their children.

—Robert Rich, psychologist

Heyward Bruce Ewart created [this book] to help victims, parents, and therapists. There are various tests included in this book which can help determine whether the victim is suffering from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. There is a test for concealed child abuse and a domestic violence inventory questionnaire throughout its pages, descriptions of what effects the abuse has taken and how you can break free. This book is not meant to take over the work of a qualified therapist, but to help therapists and those dealing with abused people. This book is an excellent resource!

Reader Views

This book provides the reader with an in-depth understanding into the long-lasting effects of abuse and also provides a number of useful tests and tools to aid in such areas as uncovering concealed child abuse and screening for potentially dangerous employees. This is an important book and would be a beneficial read for those who were abused as children, those currently suffering from abuse, those working with the abused, and anyone who knows someone who has been abused.

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Product Details

  • Title: Soul Rape: Recovering Personhood after Abuse
  • Author: Heyward Bruce Ewart
  • Publisher: Loving Healing Press
  • Publication Date: 2012
  • Pages: 190

About Heyward Bruce Ewart

Heyward Bruce Ewart is President of St. James the Elder Theological Seminary, author, and specialist in treating child and domestic abuse for 30 years.

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