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Welcome to a Reformed Church

ISBN: 9781567692037
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“Who are these guys?” That was the question the teenage Daniel R. Hyde posed to his father when he first encountered “Reformed” believers. With their unique beliefs and practices, these Christians didn’t fit any of the categories in his mind.

Not so many years later, Hyde is now Rev. Daniel R. Hyde, a pastor of a Reformed church. Recognizing that many are on the outside looking in, just as he once was, he wrote Welcome to a Reformed Church to explain what Reformed churches believe and why they structure their life and worship as they do.

In layman’s terms, Rev. Hyde sketches the historical roots of the Reformed churches, their scriptural and confessional basis, their key beliefs, and the ways in which those beliefs are put into practice. The result is a roadmap for those encountering the Reformed world for the first time and a primer for those who want to know more about their Reformed heritage.

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Resource Experts
  • Foreword by Dr. Guy Prentiss Waters
  • Questions and answers on the beliefs and practices of Reformed churches
  • Bibliographical references and index

Top Highlights

“Reformed churches long for three things in the public worship of God. First, they long for the Word of God to be central.” (Page xviii)

“‘Theology is the doctrine or teaching of living to God.’2” (Page xvi)

“The slogan ‘No creed but Christ’ actually hinders the church because, as one writer has said, ‘A creedless church cannot long exist.’7 Without something to confess, our faith is empty and meaningless to a world in need of Christ and the answers He gives to our lives.” (Page 32)

“Reformed Doctrine is that system of the truths of divine revelation, obtained from the teachings of the Word of God, which the Reformed Churches have declared to be the expression of their faith and have as such embodied in their Standards.’3 This means we believe the creeds and confessions are faithful expressions of what the Bible teaches.” (Page 29)

“Arius taught that the Son of God was not eternal, but was the first creation of God the Father (a doctrine espoused in modern days by the Jehovah’s Witnesses).” (Page 6)

Rev. Hyde has performed a great service to the church. This book is a remarkably clear, insightful, and accessible introduction to the beliefs, practice, and worship of Reformed churches.

—Dr. Guy Prentiss Waters

  • Title: Welcome to a Reformed Church
  • Author: Daniel R. Hyde
  • Publisher: Reformation Trust
  • Publication Date: 2010
  • Pages: 178

Daniel R. Hyde is senior minister of the Oceanside United Reformed Church in Oceanside, California. He is the author of Jesus Loves the Little Children and What to Expect in Reformed Worship.


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