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No More Hurting: Life Beyond Sexual Abuse

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SEXUAL ABUSE can be a bewildering and deeply uncomfortable topic. New reports on the issue are greeted with a shake of the head as we think 'How can that happen?' But have you ever then let your mind drift on to more comfortable topics with the next news item?

The Christian is called to have compassion. The Christian is called to go into the areas of life where most people feel uncomfortable - after all, Jesus did. Putting our heads in the sand about the subject of abuse is not an option.

We have witnessed many fast-selling books in recent years about abuse but, although we admire the courage of the writer in surviving their ordeal, we are not always left with answers.

This book is a thoroughly Christian response to issues surrounding sexual abuse. It is a frank and much needed look at a complex situation that affects more people than we want to believe.

It offers real and positive answers - and practical help. Written by an experienced counsellor, this book will help equip those who have suffered abuse and those who counsel them. It will also help anyone who knows the abused person (and the perpetrator of the abuse) to help them face the future and grasp the hope that is offered in Christ.

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“Sexual abuse adversely affects people’s thought life, their decisions and choices, and their feelings. It also affects their perceptions of their body, and has relational and social implications. As a result of sexual abuse a person may not be able to enjoy sexual experience in marriage, or may seek comfort through substance abuse or indiscriminate sexual contacts. Relationships can be difficult, especially trusting people and forming new friendships. Past hurts can stand in the way of progress, and there can be anger, depression, lack of confidence and well-being, guilt, self-blame and self-hate.” (Page 17)

“Were it not for the presence of sin in the world, sexual abuse would not exist. The suffering caused by abuse breaks God’s heart because it was never part of his original design for any human being.” (Page 107)

“God, who is love, never sanctions abuse in any way. Abuse is always the result of the wilful and wrong choice of an abuser.” (Page 107)

“The good news of the Christian gospel is that there is indeed a God who sees all that happens in this world, and who cares. Whatever a person’s perception, there is the certainty that there is a God who cares so much that he got personally involved with all of mankind.” (Pages 29–30)

“When people admit that they cannot deal with the consequences of sexual abuse on their own, and ask for God’s help, they come to a God who is both willing and able to come into people’s lives, bringing freedom and release.” (Page 97)

Product Details

  • Title: No More Hurting: Life Beyond Sexual Abuse
  • Author: Gwen Purdie
  • Publisher: Christian Focus Publications
  • Publication Date: 2004
  • Pages: 175


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    Digital list price: $10.99
    Save $2.00 (18%)