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Christ’s Resurrection in Pauline Soteriology


This study presents an aspect which the author believes to be central to the whole of Paul’s thought on the role of Christ as Redeemer: the function assigned to Christ’s resurrection in Pauline soteriology. The purpose of this inquiry is not merely to determine the place held by Christ’s resurrection in the maturer expression of Paul’s theology, but also to observe how the progressively deeper understanding of this central Christian truth enabled Paul to arrive at the definitive expression of his conception of Christian salvation. Consequently, it will be necessary to investigate the resurrection of Christ as a formative factor in Paul’s development as it is found reflected in the authentically Pauline epistles preserved in the New Testament canon.

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Key Features

  • Examination of the position occupied by Christ’s resurrection in the primitive apostolic preaching
  • Analysis of the nature of the Gospel as Paul habitually preached it
  • Investigation of the general lines along which Paul’s soteriological doctrine developed in the course of his epistles

Product Details

  • Title: Christ’s Resurrection in Pauline Soteriology
  • Author: David Michael Stanley
  • Publisher: Pontifical Biblical Institute
  • Publication Date: 1967
  • Pages: 313

About David Michael Stanley

David Michael Stanley, S.J. entered the Jesuit Novitiate at Guelph in 1933 and was ordained to the priesthood in 1946. After ordination, he was sent to the Pontifical Biblical Institute in Rome. There he completed his dissertation in 1952. For nearly 40 years he taught at various universities across the globe, including Regis College (Toronto), College Immaculee-Conception (Montreal) St.Augustine’s Seminary, Iowa State University, the Pontifical Gregorian University (Rome), Milltown Park (Dublin), and the University of San Francisco. He served as the president of the Catholic Biblical Association of America, the Canadian Society of Biblical Studies, and was elected a member of the Societas Novi Testementi Studiorium. Pope Paul VI named him a member of the Pontifical Biblical Commission.