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Reported Speech Dataset

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Identify the Speaker in Any Passage

Our team of experts has combed through every verse of Scripture, identifying the speaker for every word of dialogue in the Bible. The Reported Speech Dataset catalogues 8,000 distinct speeches, identifies their speakers, and links to speakers’ Factbook entries. When the “Speaker Labels” visual filter is enabled in your preferred Bible translation, megaphone icons appear next to every section of dialogue. Hover over the icon, and Logos scours the Reported Speech Dataset to identify the speaker. Click on the icon and go directly to the speaker’s Factbook entry.

In Logos Bible Software, this dataset is even more powerful with searchability. Search for “Sons of Korah” and Logos consults this database, showing you every Psalm attributed to them—and every quotation found throughout the Bible. Plus, the Reported Speech Dataset doesn’t limit dialogue to a single speaker. For instance, when Paul references a verse from Hosea in Romans 9:24, two megaphone icons appear—one for Hosea, and one for God, whom Hosea is quoting. The Reported Speech Dataset takes the guess work out of your Bible study, ensuring you always know who is speaking or being quoted.

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The Reported Speech Dataset catalogues . . .

  • 8,000 distinct speeches
  • Thousands of speakers
  • Thousands of Factbook entries
  • Thousands of verses

Product details

  • Title: Reported Speech Dataset
  • Contributors: Steven Runge, Scott Fleischman, Josh Westbury, Elizabeth Licata
  • Speeches: 8,000
  • Publisher: Lexham Press
  • Publication Date: 2012
  • Resource Type: Datasets
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