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The Animals Mentioned in the Bible

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Henry Chichester Hart served as naturalist on the Palestine Exploration Fund’s 1883 Palestine Expedition. The Animals Mentioned in the Bible condenses his and other scholars’ observations of Holy Land fauna. Hart describes Bible animals, emphasizing the characteristics to which the Bible refers. When identification is difficult, he describes the various possibilities and lets the reader decide. This work has stood the test of time. Modern Bible students will want to emulate Hart’s common-sense approach to the difficulties of identifying Bible animals.

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Key Features

  • Collects the observations of Holy Land fauna from the 1883 Palestine Expedition
  • Identifies animals mentioned in the Bible
  • Offers powerful images that are great teaching tools

Top Highlights

“The translation of the word reem by ‘unicorn,’ an animal partly horse, partly narwhal, partly antelope, and wholly fabulous, is adopted from the rendering of the Septuagint μονόκερως, and it is an unfortunate interpretation, which has been happily amended to ‘wild ox’ in the Revised Version.” (Page 214)

“Amongst the Jews, and indeed amongst all Orientals, the terms ‘dog’ or ‘son of a dog,’ or ‘dead dog,’ were terms of abuse and reproach, or of self-abasement when spoken of oneself. Nowhere are his moral or intellectual qualities held up in praise.” (Page 73)

“The shepherd precedes his flock, and they follow him, even coming to his call separately by name when he requires them to do so.” (Page 195)

“The horse is never spoken of in the Bible except with regard to his usefulness in war.” (Page 128)

“No other bird was permissible as an offering (Lev. 1:14)” (Page 75)

  • Title: The Animals Mentioned in the Bible
  • Author: Henry Chichester Hart
  • Publisher: Religious Tract Society
  • Print Publication Date: 1888
  • Logos Release Date: 2011
  • Pages: 251
  • Era: era:modern
  • Language: English
  • Resources: 1
  • Format: Digital › Logos Research Edition
  • Subject: Nature in the Bible
  • Resource Type: Monograph
  • Metadata Last Updated: 2022-02-11T17:02:18Z

Henry Chichester Hart (1847–1908) was educated at Trinity College, Dublin, where he studied botany. He was a naturalist on the British Polar Expedition in 1875–76 and the Palestine Expedition in 1883. He wrote several works on the flora of Ireland, as well as about the material collected on the Palestine Expedition.


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    Save 25% off during the Memorial Day Sale!


    Print list price: $14.95
    Regular price: $9.99
    Save $2.50 (25%)