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A collection of leading Christian apologists offer popular, accessible writings in which they defend their belief in essential aspects of orthodox Christian belief. They give compelling answers to crucial questions, helping to free Christians from doubt and clear away obstacles to faith for unbelievers.

In the Logos edition, all Scripture passages in Why I Am a Christian are tagged and appear on mouse-over, and all Scripture passages link to your favorite Bible translation in your library. With Logos’ advanced features, you can perform powerful searches by topic or Scripture reference—finding, for example, every mention of “morality” or “miracles.”

Key Features

  • Introduction by the editors
  • Josh McDowell’s testimony
  • Bibliographical references


  • Norman L. Geisler
  • Paul K. Hoffman
  • Francis J. Beckwith
  • J. Budziszewski
  • William Lane Craig
  • R. Douglas Geivett
  • Gary R. Habermas
  • Hugh Ross
  • Walter Bradley
  • Winfried Corduan
  • Barry R. Leventhal
  • Peter Kreeft
  • John S. Feinberg
  • J. P. Moreland
  • Ravi Zacharias
  • Josh McDowell

Product Details

  • Title: Why I Am a Christian
  • Editors: Norman L. Geisler and Paul K. Hoffman
  • Publisher: Baker
  • Publication Date: 2001
  • Pages: 318

About Norman L. Geisler

Norman L. Geisler has taught at university and graduate levels for nearly 50 years and has spoken, traveled, or debated in all 50 states and in 26 countries. He holds a BA and MA from Wheaton College, a ThB from William Tyndale College, and a PhD in philosophy from Loyola University.

After his studies at Wheaton, he became the graduate assistant in the Bible-philosophy department at the college. He has since taught Bible, apologetics and philosophy at Detroit Bible College, Trinity Evangelical Divinity School, and Dallas Theological Seminary, and was the dean of Liberty Center for research and scholarship in Lynchburg, VA. In 1992, he cofounded and served as the president of Southern Evangelical Seminary in Charlotte, North Carolina, until 2006. Currently, he is a professor of theology and apologetics at SES.

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Top Highlights

“In summary, those who use traditional strategies to support the historical reliability of the New Testament assert that superior manuscript evidence shows we have essentially what the authors wrote. By linking closely the authors and composition dates to the events themselves, it is argued that the writers were in the best position to know what actually occurred. Additional data are provided by extra-biblical and archaeological sources, showing that, when these details are checked, the New Testament fares well.” (Page 151)

“Relativism is judgmental, exclusivist, and partisan.” (Page 25)

“The writers of these sources include ancient historians such as Tacitus, Suetonius, and Thallus. Jewish sources such as Josephus and the Talmud add to our knowledge. Government officials such as Pliny the Younger and even Roman Caesars Trajan and Hadrian describe early Christian beliefs and practices.” (Page 150)

“Did I then reason my way back to the Savior? No, and this used to puzzle me. Some years passed before I understood how this final step took place. It had been through misuse of intellect that I had deserted him; therefore, in his mercy, God chose a means of restoration that humbled my intellectual pride.” (Page 61)

“Relativism is itself a closed-minded and intolerant position. After all, the relativist dogmatically asserts that there is no moral truth.” (Page 24)

  • Title: Why I Am a Christian: Leading Thinkers Explain Why They Believe
  • Authors: Norman Geisler, Paul Hoffman
  • Publisher: Baker
  • Print Publication Date: 2001
  • Logos Release Date: 2002
  • Language: English
  • Resources: 1
  • Format: Digital › Logos Research Edition
  • Subject: Apologetics
  • Resource ID: LLS:42.20.22
  • Resource Type: Monograph
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  1. Phil



  2. Paul Chatfield
    Found the variety of authors very refreshing in this evangelistic book to intellectuals. If you liked Reason for God by Keller but want something a bit more thorough, this is for you.


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