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The Gift of Faith: Discovering the Glory of God in Salvation
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The Gift of Faith: Discovering the Glory of God in Salvation


Ambassador 2012

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Salvation and Self-Esteem: What about God’s Glory?

How does a person come to faith in Christ? Is that faith a gift from God or the work of man—or some combination of the two? As Martin Luther wrote long ago, the issue of who does what in the matter of salvation constitutes the most fundamental of questions that the believer in Christ must face. It was the question at the heart of the struggle to reform the church in the sixteenth century, and it has resurfaced as a source of contention within the evangelical church of our day.

In The Gift of Faith, Bryan Holstrom offers a fresh exploration of the issues involved and the biblical basis for the traditional understanding that faith is a gift from God. He lays out the relationship between grace and faith, and argues that the teaching on salvation that is found in many churches today is derived more from the modern self-esteem movement than from a careful reading of the Bible.

Most importantly, Holstrom demonstrates that what is ultimately at stake in the battle over grace and faith is our understanding of the glory of God. This book will help you discover how that glory shines through most brilliantly in his bringing sinners to salvation; a work that finds its beginning and end in his grace alone.

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Key Features

  • Explores salvation as a gift from God
  • Analyzes key salvation concepts: faith, grace, redemption
  • Illustrates the importance of understanding the glory of God


  • By Grace You Have Been Saved
  • And That Not of Yourselves
  • Dead in Trespasses and Sins
  • Chosen before the Foundation of the World
  • Redeemed through Christ's Blood
  • Made Alive in Christ
  • God's Workmanship
  • Saved to the Praise of His Glory

Product Details

  • Title: The Gift of Faith: Discovering the Glory of God in Salvation
  • Author: Bryan Holstrom
  • Publisher: Ambassador
  • Publication Date: 2012
  • Pages: 197

About Bryan Holstrom

Bryan Holstrom is a ruling elder at Covenant of Grace Orthodox Presbyterian Church in Batavia, Illinois. He is the author of Infant Baptism and the Silence of the New Testament and Thinking Rightly of Christ: What Scripture Really Says about Him—And Why It Matters.

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