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Generations of Praise: The History of Worship

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In Generations of Praise, authors Bruce Shields and David Butzu explore the history of worship from ancient Israel to the present and analyze how worship has evolved in various cultures. The hope is that present believers, as well as future generations, will have a deeper understanding of God and experience an unhindered worship of our Creator. This volume is helpful if you’re a worship leader or an active member of church worship ministries looking for ways to develop a worship service suitable for twenty-first-century congregations.

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Key Features

  • Provides a comprehensive history of worship
  • Offers insight for preparing your next worship service


  • Jewish Backgrounds to Christian Worship
  • Worship in the New Testament
  • The First Three Centuries
  • The Empire: 312–600
  • Worship in the Eastern Churches
  • The Western Church in the Middle Ages
  • Worship Reformations
  • Post-Reformation Developments: 1600–1800
  • The Nineteenth Century
  • The Twentieth Century
  • The Present and Trends

Product Details

  • Title: Generations of Praise: The History of Worship
  • Authors: Bruce E. Shields and David A. Butzu
  • Publisher: College Press
  • Publication Date: 2006
  • Pages: 351

About the Authors

Bruce E. Shields has served as the professor of Christian ministries at Emmanuel School of Religion since 1983. He received his BA from Milligan College, BD from Princeton Theological Seminary, and DTh from the University of Tubingen. Shields has been published in several journal articles and numerous books.

David A. Butzu serves as the worship minister at Hopwood Memorial Christian Church in Milligan College, TN. He is a part-time instructor at Milligan College and Emmanuel School of Religion. Butzu received his BMus from the University of Michigan and MDiv from Emmanuel School of Religion, and has finished postgraduate coursework in historical theology from the Catholic University of America.

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