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John's Gospel: A Neglected Key to Revelation?
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John's Gospel: A Neglected Key to Revelation?


Warren A. Gage 2001

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John’s Gospel begins with a war between light and darkness (John 1:5), but this war is not consummated until darkness is vanquished at the end of John’s Revelation (Rev. 21:25). John’s Gospel begins with the claim that the divine Word is tabernacled among us in Jesus (John 1:14) while John’s Revelation ends by claiming that the tabernacle of God will be among men forever (Rev. 21:3). Jesus comes down from heaven as a bridegroom in the Gospel (John 1:14; 3:29), but there is no bride coming down from heaven until the end of Revelation (Rev. 21:2).

John’s Gospel: A Neglected Key to Revelation? explores the literary and thematic patterns—both consecutive and chiastic—that tie the fourth Gospel and Revelation together. When read as a literary diptych, the two books create a pattern of interlocking typologies. Warren Gage suggests that they were composed to interpret each other. An appendix further supports that thesis by demonstrating that the same consecutive, literary and thematic patterns are discernible in the Gospel of Luke and Acts—books generally recognized as penned by the same hand.

The Logos version of John’s Gospel provides you with unique benefits available nowhere else. Scripture references appear on mouse-over and link to your preferred translation or the original-language text. This volume fully integrates into your digital library, cross-referencing to your dictionaries, commentaries, and other reference tools and allowing you to discover what other scholars and theologians have to say about the relationship between the Gospel of John and Revelation.

Key Features

  • Explores the literary and thematic patterns linking the Gospel of John and Revelation
  • Analyzes the interpretive relationship between the two books
  • Includes an appendix to further support Gage’s thesis


  • The Vision of the Seven Last Angels
  • The Music of St. John: A Symphonic Reading of the Fourth Gospel and Revelation
  • The Kerygmatic Imagination of St. John
  • The Iconic Imagination of St. John

Product Details

  • Title: John’s Gospel: A Neglected Key to Revelation?
  • Author: Warren A. Gage
  • Publisher: St. Andrews House
  • Publication Date: 2001
  • Pages: 235

About Warren A. Gage

Warren A. Gage is the president of the Alexandrian Forum, a ministry dedicated to bringing in-depth biblical and classical education back to our churches and communities. Warren holds a ThM from Dallas Theological Seminary, a JD from Southern Methodist University, and a MA and PhD from the University of Dallas. Prior to his work for the Alexandrian Forum, he served as a professor of Old Testament and classical studies at Knox Theological Seminary. He is known for his advocacy of biblical typology and a literary approach to biblical exposition which demonstrates that all of Scripture points toward Christ.

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