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A Commentary on the Book of Exodus

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In A Commentary on the Book of Exodus, Cassuto’s comments have a vivid quality seldom found in the exegetical writings of other biblical expositors, who all too often prefer a simplistic and lifeless approach to their subject. Cassuto succeeds in injecting a sense of dramatic excitement into his interpretations. Without neglecting the scientific data provided by archeological and philological research, he makes us conscious of the literary attributes of the Bible.

A Commentary on the Book of Exodus does not separate the annotations from the biblical text, but forms a continuous, unified commentary in which the scriptural citations are interlinked with the exposition. The elements are so closely and artistically interwoven as to form a new literary entity—not a text with notes, but a homogeneous expository work, which must rank among the finest modern contributions to the treasury of biblical learning.

In the Logos edition of A Commentary on the Book of Exodus, you get easy access to Scripture texts and to a wealth of other resources in your digital library. Hovering over Scripture references links you instantly to the verse you’re looking for, and Passage Guides, Word Studies, and a wealth of other tools, make this important work more available than ever for Hebrew study.

  • Analytical comments from the author
  • Key to the transliteration
  • Bibliographical notes and addenda
  • Subject and topic indexes
  • Title: A Commentary on the Book of Exodus
  • Author: Umberto Cassuto
  • Translator: Israel Abrahams
  • Publisher: Magnes Press
  • Publication Date: 2008
  • Pages: 526

Umberto Cassuto (1883–1951) was an Italian historian, a biblical and Semitic scholar, and professor of Bible at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. He began to make a name in the world of scholarship by virtue of a series of articles mainly on the history of Jews in Italy. In 1912, he began to publish important papers and books on Bible studies. All his works are of great significance to this day.


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  1. T.C. Hadden

    T.C. Hadden


    I have all of Cassuto's works in print but I am eyeballing the prices on the Logos digital editions. Hands down, Cassuto's contextual understanding of Exodus along with his Ancient Near Eastern scholarship and linguistic comprehension makes this book a must have. Check out his commentaries on Genesis as well.




  3. Scott S. Scheurich
  4. Franklin Craig Cooper


Digital list price: $42.99
Save $9.00 (20%)