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“Behind” the Text: History and Biblical Interpretation, vol. 4 (Scripture and Hermeneutics Series)

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Not only is history central to the biblical story, but from a Christian perspective history revolves around Jesus Christ. All roads of human activity before Christ lead up to him, and all roads after Christ connect with him. A concern with history and God’s action in it is a central characteristic of the Bible. The Bible furnishes us with an account of God’s interactions with people and with the nation of Israel that stretches down the timeline from creation to the early church. It tells us of real men, women, and children, real circumstances and events, real cultures, places, languages, and worldviews. And it shows us God at work in human affairs, revealing his character and heart through his activities. “Behind” the Text examines the correlation between history and the Bible. For the scholar, student, and informed reader of the Bible, this volume highlights the importance of history for biblical interpretation, and looks at how history has and should influence interpretation.

  • Probes contemporary theories on the philosophy and theology of history
  • Considers the implications of a theology of history for biblical exegesis
  • Looks at how history has dominated biblical studies under the guise of historical criticism
  • Introduction - Craig G. Bartholomew

Historical Criticism — Critical Assessments

  • Two (or More) Kinds of Scripture Scholarship - Alvin Plantinga
  • Warranted Biblical Interpretation: Alvin Plantinga’s Two (or More) Kinds of Scripture Scholarship - Craig G. Bartholomew
  • A Warranted Version of Historical Biblical Criticism? A Response to Alvin Plantinga - Robert P. Gordon
  • Reason and Scripture Scholarship: A Response to Robert Gordon and Craig Bartholomew - Alvin Plantinga
  • Do You Want Us to Listen to You? - Peter van Inwagen
  • Taking Soundings: History and the Authority of Scripture: A Response to Peter van Inwagen Colin - J. D. Greene
  • Which Conversation Shall We Have? History, Historicism and Historical Narrative in Theological Interpretation: A Response to Peter van Inwagen - Joel B. Green
  • Historical Criticism of the Synoptic Gospels - William P. Alston
  • Behind, in Front of ... or Through the Text? The Christological Analogy and the Lost World of Biblical Truth - Mary E. Healy
  • The Place of History in Catholic Exegesis: An Examination of the Pontifical Biblical Commission's The Interpretation of the Bible in the Church - Peter S. Williamson

Rethinking History

  • Knowing and Believing: Faith in the Past - Iain W. Provan
  • Creation and Promise: Towards a Theology of History - Murray A. Rae

Tradition and History

  • The Conflict of Tradition and History - Walter Sundberg
  • Tradition, Biblical Interpretation and Historical Truth - C. Stephen Evans

History and Narrative

  • Ricoeur on History, Fiction, and Biblical Hermeneutics - Gregory J. Laughery
  • (Pre) Figuration: Masterplot and Meaning in Biblical History - David Lyle Jeffrey

History and Biblical Interpretation

  • Reconstructing and Interpreting Amos’s Literary Prehistory: A Dialogue with Redaction Criticism - Karl Möller
  • What Lesson Will History Teach? The Book of the Twelve as History - Christopher R. Seitz
  • Divine Speaking as Godly Action in Old Testament Narrative: The Metaphysics of Exodus - Neil B. MacDonald
  • Inhabiting the Story: The Use of the Bible in the Interpretation of History - Stephen I. Wright
Few topics are more central to the task of biblical interpretation than history, and few books open up the subject in so illuminating and thought-provoking a manner as this splendid collection of essays and responses.

Hugh Williamson, Regius Professor of Hebrew, University of Oxford, England

. . . breaks new ground in its interdisciplinary examination of the methodology, presuppositions, practices and purposes of biblical hermeneutics, with a special emphasis on the relation of faith and history.

Eleonore Stump, Robert J. Henle Professor of Philosophy, Saint Louis University, United States

This volume holds great promise for the full-fledged academic recovery of the Bible as Scripture. It embodies an unusual combination of world-class scholarship, historic Christian orthodoxy, bold challenges to conventional wisdom, and the launching of fresh new ideas.

Al Wolters, Professor of Religion and Theology, Redeemer University College, Ontario, Canada

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    Digital list price: $31.99
    Save $6.00 (18%)

    Gathering interest