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Invitation to the Apocrypha

, 1999
ISBN: 9780802846334
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In this volume, a leading biblical scholar helps readers rediscover the ancient books of the Old Testament Apocrypha. Invitation to the Apocrypha provides a clear, basic introduction to these important but often neglected ancient books.

Using the latest and best scholarship, yet writing for those new to the Apocrypha, Daniel Harrington guides readers through the background, content, and message of each book. A distinctive feature of this primer is that it focuses throughout on the problem of suffering, highlighting what each book of the Apocrypha says about this universal human experience.

Delve into God’s Word like never before! With the Logos edition of Invitation to the Apocrypha, Scripture references link directly to the Bibles in your library—both to the original-language texts and to the English translations. Double-clicking any word automatically opens your lexicons to the relevant entry, making Hebrew words instantly accessible.

  • Suggestions for further study
  • Index of names and subjects
One of the best and most readable introductions to the books of the Apocrypha which has so far been produced.

Society for Old Testament Study Booklist

This is an introductory book, designed for nonspecialists, but presenting the best of contemporary biblical scholarship. As such, it stands as a model for showing how the fruits of technical biblical studies can be applied for the benefit of the educated by nontechnical reader.

Catholic Biblical Quarterly

Harrington’s careful scholarship and clear writing is evident throughout. Intended as a college or seminary introduction, anyone interested in the topic or in these very interesting but less known books will be richly rewarded in the reading.

The Bible Today

As one would expect from Harrington, the volume is clearly written, meticulously researched, and balanced and sensible in its critical judgments. At every stage there are excellent bibliographies to guide those who would move on to further study.

Sewanee Theological Review

  • Title: Invitation to the Apocrypha
  • Author: Daniel J. Harrington
  • Publisher: Eerdmans
  • Publication Date: 1999
  • Pages: 230

Daniel J. Harrington (1940–2014) served as professor of New Testament and chair of the biblical studies department at Boston College School of Theology and Ministry. He was a member of the Society for Jesus and editor of New Testament Abstracts


Digital list price: $19.99
Save $4.00 (20%)