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The Greatest Book Video Series
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The Greatest Book Video Series


AVM Presentations 1997

Runs on Windows, Mac and mobile.


The Greatest Book video series is the first of a new breed of resource that can be integrated into Logos Bible Software. Called the Personal Video Book, it is full-length digital video that shows up in Logos just like a book. Each video has been tagged with topics, Scripture references (where applicable), and a table of contents. This means that Passage Guide will find relevant material in videos, just like it does with maps and music!

This video series from AVM Presents is highly popular with church teachers and home viewers, as it is aimed at a lay audience. The four videos in The Greatest Book series range in length from 30 to 40 minutes and cover topics related to the history and cultural background of the Bible: archaeological evidences, historical reliability, writing/printing technology, cultural milieu, how to get more from personal study of the Bible, and much more!

Also included in this purchase are three bonus videos: In the Shadows of the Ancient Temple, which teaches about the furnishings, uses and ministry of the Hebrew Tabernacle; The Second Great Battle of Jericho tells the true story of the archaeological evidence for the conquest of Jericho; and The Jerusalem Chronicles, which explores key historical events and biblical teaching related to Jerusalem.

These seven videos offer top-quality teaching from biblical experts and scenes from the Holy Land. It would cost more than $145 to purchase all seven videos in VHS format. We are able to offer them to you as Personal Video Books for a deep discount!

Key Features

  • Topics related to the history and cultural background of the Bible
  • Skip forward and backward in the video presentations by clicking in the table of contents
  • Three bonus videos
  • Ideal for church teachers and home viewers

Individual Titles

The Greatest Book Series Part 1: The Origin of the Bible

  • Producer: Bill Ellwanger
  • Series: The Greatest Book Series
  • Length: 33 minutes

This video about how the Bible came to us is not only an exciting story of divine origin and preservation, but it is also one of amazing human dedication, patience, and ultimate self-sacrifice!

Host Dr. Paul Karleen takes viewers on a most informative video journey from the earliest days of writing through several thousand years to the mass printing and distribution of the English Bible. With recreated scenes, drama, and narrative, the video unfolds in a most exciting way. Clay cuneiform tablets, the making of Papyrus, the first alphabet, and other developments in writing demonstrate how the original authors penned the Holy Scriptures.

The faith-motivated and often painful human struggle to get the Bible into the hands of the common people is shown through the personal stories of great men such as John Wycliffe, William Tyndale, and Martin Luther.

Questions concerning the preservation and accuracy of the biblical text are answered within the story of the Dead Sea Scrolls, modern biblical archaeology, and historical documentation. This drama about our biblical heritage continues by showing how the advent of the printing press and reformation movement presented new opportunities for the advancement of the Scriptures.

You'll find this first in The Greatest Book Video Series an excellent biblical resource and study help.

The Greatest Book Series Part 2: The Bible: Myth, Mystery, or Miracle

  • Producer: Bill Ellwanger
  • Series: The Greatest Book Series
  • Length: 43 minutes

Today the Bible is at the center of a controversy. Is this book a collection of humanly devised myths or is it really a book from God as it claims? And if from God, is the Bible a book we can understand or is its interpretation a mystery?

In quest for the truth about the Bible, this video presents amazing new discoveries from the recent archaeological finds and remarkable evidence showing how secular and Jewish historians reguarded this book that many call God's Word.

As you watch this video you'll learn why many believe the Bible is a miracle, demonstrating the power to effect great change in the lives of people and even to influence the course and destiny of nations.

You'll find this second video in The Greatest Book Video Series an excellent biblical resource and study help.

The Greatest Book Series Part 3: The Captivating Land of the Bible

  • Producer: Bill Ellwanger
  • Series: The Greatest Book Series
  • Length: 42 minutes

An understanding of the land of the Bible and unique customs of the times offers readers special insight into Scripture. Transported via video, viewers will travel to ancient Israel, Jordan, and Egypt in the comfort of their easy chairs. There they will experience an enjoyable, informative, and unforgettable excursion throughout the captivating land of the Bible.

Much more than a travelogue, this video explains how God used the land and unique customs of Bible times to teach his people important spiritual lessons as recorded in Scripture. By understanding these concepts, one can better comprehend and apply many of the same valuable lessons.

The video is hosted by Dr. Elwood McQuaid. He has written several books on Israel, led countless tours, and is a knowledgeable authority on Bible lands. In addition to seeing an amazing diversity of unique geographic terrain, viewers will visit many key places where dramatic biblical events unfolded.

Join us on this informative video adventure featuring beautifully-photographed location scenes and specially-composed music. You'll find this presentation a great faith-building experience and an excellent educational resource.

The Greatest Book Series Part 4: Unlocking the Treasures of the Bible

  • Producer: Bill Ellwanger
  • Series: The Greatest Book Series
  • Length: 35 minutes

There is an amazing wealth of personal treasure in God's Word for those who are willing to do a little digging. Unlocking the Treasures of the Bible provides viewers with the keys to going beyond the surface meaning of this unique text to discover the underlying gems of spiritual truth. Those who have already begun this journey will share the excitement and explain how their lives have been touched by this most powerful of all books.

Host Dr. Paul Karleen will demonstrate the basic steps to getting started in personal Bible study as well as present a guide for building rewarding advanced study skills. Use of aids, including reference books, computer software, and other valuable tools is discussed along with the added dimension and enjoyment of starting a group Bible study.

In the Shadows of the Ancient Temple

  • Length: 45 minutes

The Temple in Jerusalem was once the focal point of the nation of Israel and one of the true wonders of the ancient world. Thousands of people came to this magnificent edifice regularly to worship and experience God's presence. While there, they could pray, sing the Psalms, learn from the rabbis, find comfort, discuss the Scriptures, and even get personal advice. Most important, the Temple was the only place in all of Israel where one could make offerings and sacrifices to obtain atonement for sins.

This unique and inspiring video adventure will take viewers on a tour of this extraordinary structure via 3D computer animation. Also presented are the components of Temple worship, the significance of the Temple layout, the ministry of the Temple priests, and the importance of the Temple sacrifices. The video explains why Jesus came to the Temple, and what He accomplished on those significant occasions. Included are details about plans in progress today for building a new Temple. It's truly amazing to discover what spiritual insight can be found as one looks In the Shadows of the Ancient Temple.

This presentation is a great faith-building tool and an excellent educational resource.

The Second Great Battle of Jericho

  • Length: 45 minutes

The Second Great Battle of Jericho tells a story that affects every Christian today. For decades secular archaeologists have regularly announced discoveries that seem to contradict the Bible. A prime example of this was a conclusion by a reknowned archaeologist who stated publicly that the biblical account of the conquest of Jericho could not be factual.

This eye-opening video shows how biblical archaeology uncovered the true story about the battle for Jericho and reversed world opinion. To experience the detective-like quest of biblical archaeology, viewers will join an actual dig to begin a search for the ancient city of Ai with Dr. Bryant Wood, Director of Associates for Biblical Research. Become part of the fascinating process of selecting the site, preparing for the excavation, and peeling back the layers of time to reveal the clues to ancient history.

The Second Great Battle of Jericho will help Christians realize that the Bible is under attack today as never before! This faith-building presentation will encourage viewers never to be discouraged by claims that contradict the Bible. And it shows how biblical archaeology is providing us with the solid answers to both defend and promote the truth of God's Word.

The Jerusalem Chronicles

  • Length: 50 minutes

In 1996 the city of Jerusalem celebrated 3000 years as the capital of Israel. Many people are familiar with the biblical account of King David in the early years of Jerusalem and later, Christ's ministry, crucifixion, and resurrection. But there's much more to the story.

Do you know the real story of Jerusalem?

  • What forces have battled for centuries in Jerusalem?
  • Why is Jerusalem the key to biblical prophecy?
  • Which current events in Jerusalem have prophetic meaning?
  • Who will eventually rule over the city of Jerusalem?
  • When will peace come to the city whose name means peace?

Imagine visiting the city of Jerusalem. The Jerusalem Chronicles video will take you there! With dramatic scenes shot on location, viewers will experience the place, people, sounds, and vivid colorful textures of this intriguing city.

Your host, Dr. Elwood McQuaid, will guide you on a video journey into Jerusalem's past, present, and future, connecting this unique city to wonderful promises and prophesies from God's Word.

Product Details

  • Title: The Greatest Book Video Series
  • Videos: 7
  • Length: 293 minutes