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T&T Clark Handbook of Septuagint Research


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Students and scholars now widely recognize the importance of the Septuagint to the history of the Greek language, the textual development of the Bible, and to Jewish and Christian religious life in both the ancient and modern worlds. This handbook is designed for those who wish to engage the Septuagint in their research, yet have been unsure where to turn for guidance or concise, up-to-date discussion. The contributors break down the barriers involved in the technical debates and sub-specialties as far as possible, equipping readers with the tools and knowledge necessary to conduct their own research.

Each chapter is written by a leading Septuagint scholar and focuses upon a major area of research in the discipline, providing an overview of the topic, key debates and views, a survey or demonstration of the methods involved, and pointers towards ongoing research questions. By exploring origins, language, text, reception, theology, translation, and commentary, with a final summary of the literature, this handbook encourages active engagement with the most important issues in the field and provides an essential resource for specialists and non-specialists alike.

  • Seeks to serve as a resource complementary to James K. Aitken's T&T Clark Companion to the Septuagint
  • Treats the main research issues and methods within the discipline on a topical basis in an accessible way that is above introductory level
  • Intends to provide a guide that helps to cut through the disparate secondary literature and to consolidate and illustrate the various scholarly approaches to research


  • The Origins and Social Context of the Septuagint – James K. Aitken
  • Septuagint Translation Technique and Jewish Hellenistic Exegesis – Marieke Dhont


  • Septuagint Transcriptions and Phonology – Pete Myers
  • Septuagint Lexicography – Patrick Pouchelle
  • The Septuagint and Discourse Grammar – Christopher J. Fresch
  • The Septuagint and Greek Style – Eberhard Bons
  • The Septuagint and Biblical Intertextuality – Myrto Theocharous


  • The Septuagint and Textual Criticism of the Greek Versions – José Manuel Cañas Reíllo
  • The Septuagint and Textual Criticism of the Hebrew Bible – John Screnock
  • The Septuagint and Qumran – Gideon R. Kotzé
  • The Septuagint and the Major Recensions – Ville Mäkipelto
  • The Septuagint and the Secondary Versions – Claude Cox
  • The Septuagint and Origen's Hexapla – Peter J. Gentry
  • The Septuagint and the Biblical Canon – John Meade


  • The Septuagint and Second Temple Judaism – Benjamin G. Wright III
  • The Septuagint in the New Testament – Steve Moyise
  • The Septuagint in Patristic Sources – Edmon L. Gallagher
  • The Septuagint in Byzantine Judaism – Cameron Boyd-Taylor
  • The Septuagint in the Eastern Orthodox Tradition – Mikhail G. Seleznev
  • The Septuagint in Early Modern Europe – Scott Mandelbrote

Theology, Translation, and Commentary

  • The Septuagint and Theology – W. Edward Glenny
  • The Septuagint and Modern Language Translations – William A. Ross
  • The Septuagint: The Text as Produced – Robert J. V. Hiebert
  • The Septuagint: A Greek-Text Oriented Approach – Stanley E. Porter

Survey of Literature

  • The Septuagint and Contemporary Study – Jennifer Brown Jones


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    Digital list price: $126.00
    Save $86.01 (68%)