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Harper’s Bible Commentary was written by 82 members of the Society of Biblical Literature. This readable commentary introduces each book of the Bible and interprets it section by section. Lively general articles place the Bible in its historical, literary, and interpretive contexts. Entries are also cross referenced to the companion Harper’s Bible Dictionary.

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“Matthean Christians do not have to give up their possessions, but they must get their priorities straight.” (Page 959)

“As most modern translations recognize, the P creation account (1:1–2:4a) begins with a temporal clause (‘When, in the beginning, God created’); such a translation puts Gen. 1:1 in agreement with the opening of the J account (2:4b) and with other ancient, Near Eastern creation myths.” (Page 87)

“The one who succeeds in finding her (31:10) does not lack material goods (v. 11), reminding us of those who find Woman Wisdom and are materially rewarded by their association with this sought-for person in 3:13–14 and 8:17, 21 (see Camp, p. 188). Her gift of ‘good’ to her husband (31:12) recalls the proverb of 18:22 where ‘he who finds a wife finds good, and he receives favor from Yahweh.’” (Page 516)

“Unlike Matthew’s nine blessings and no woes, Luke has four each, set in parallels: poor-rich, hungry-full, weeping-laughing, and rejected-accepted. By sharply contrasting life now and in the future, Luke sets the sermon in an eschatological frame of reference.” (Page 1023)

“By way of response to the prophet, God invites Ezekiel to participate directly in the vision rather than simply observing it. He is to prophesy to the bones and command them to reassemble themselves and clothe themselves with flesh.” (Page 691)

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  1. Kevin Mark

    Kevin Mark


    I see a revised version of this book was published in late 2020. Are there any plans for Logos to make that edition available?

  2. Ron Dalton

    Ron Dalton


    This is my favorite one volume commentary prepared by the Society of Biblical Literature.

  3. Fay Coul

    Fay Coul


    Helpful commentary that is the first one I consult.

  4. Amos Washington
  5. Duane E. Snider
    While this volume suffers from the brevity of comments like other 1 vol. commentaries, the articles are outstanding. Excellent scholarship and inclusion of commentary on the Apocrypha makes the Harper's an essential addition to my Logos library

  6. Tracy Pomar

    Tracy Pomar


  7. Tyrone Wright

    Tyrone Wright


  8. Michael T. Fox
  9. Thomas Binder

    Thomas Binder


  10. Jin Yang Kim

    Jin Yang Kim




Digital list price: $20.99
Save $4.00 (19%)