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The Community of Jesus: A Theology of the Church

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Intended for upper division college students, seminarians, and pastors, The Community of Jesus delivers a biblical, historic, systematic, and missional theology of the church.

Today the word church provokes wide-ranging reactions and generates discussion on a variety of issues among Christians and non-Christians alike. In order to sort through this maze of responses and topics, a biblical and theological foundation must be laid that provides a clear vision of the church of the Lord Jesus Christ and its significance in God’s eternal purpose.

  • Seeks to lay a theological foundation to help readers sort through issues related to the theology of the church
  • Presents the views of various contributors: an OT scholar, four NT scholars, two theologians, one historian, and one philosopher/missiologist, who possess significant pastoral, teaching, missions, administrative, and denominational experience
  • Offers a two-fold structure that first sets forth biblical teachings concerning the church, and then develops on the core material, relating the theology of the church to church history, salvation history, God's glory, and God's mission."

With extensive pastoral, teaching, missions, and administrative experience, this team of contributors carefully sets forth the biblical teachings concerning the church and then builds on this core material, relating the theology of the church to salvation history, church history, God’s glory, and God’s mission:

  • Paul R. House, “God Walks with His People: Old Testament Foundations”
  • Andreas J. Köstenberger, “The Church According to the Gospels”
  • Kendell H. Easley, “The Church in Acts and Revelation: New Testament Bookends”
  • David S. Dockery, “The Church in the Pauline Epistles”
  • Ray Van Neste, “The Church in the General Epistles”
  • James A. Patterson, “The Church in History: Ecclesiastical Ideals and Institutional Realities”
  • Stephen J.Wellum, “Beyond Mere Ecclesiology: The Church as God’s New Covenant Community”
  • Christopher W. Morgan, “The Church and the Glory of God”
  • Bruce Riley Ashford, “The Church in the Mission of God”
"Morgan and Easley have assembled a well-balanced team of highly regarded Christian scholars with complementary areas of expertise - biblical interpretation and theology, the history of Christian thought, systematic theology, philosophy, and missiology - to produce this comprehensive volume on the doctrine of the church. A much-needed resource for lay people, clergy, and scholars alike!"

Gregg R. Allison, professor of Christian Theology, The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary

"This comprehensive biblical theology of the church has contributions by leading evangelical Baptist scholars whose integrity, scholarship, and insight are remarkable. Biblical theology is enlightening because its material is drawn from the Word itself. Even though the role the church might play in a future millenial kingdom is intentionally omitted, much can be gained from this study, and I heartily recommend it. This book sharpens our thinking, delights our soul, and encourages us as we move forward in the twenty-first century of the church."

James a Borland, professor of New Testament and Theology, Liberty University

"This collection of essays is a welcome addition to ecclesiological scholarship in the Baptist tradition. The authors, mostly younger scholars, bring together an impressive array of recent literature that informs several angles of debate about the church. Especially strong are the chapters exhibiting biblical material nad discussion. Baptist theologians should definitely add this book to their research tools and course bibliographies."

William Brackney, Millard R. Cherry distinguished professor of Christian Thought and Ethics, director of Acadia Centre of Baptist and Anabaptist Studies, Acadia Divinity College

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Digital list price: $24.99
Regular price: $16.99
Save $13.00 (76%)